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Megan Baxter Review: It has been over a week and a half since I last finished a book. This is so extremely unusual. I'm trying not to hold it agains the collection of books I've been reading that week in a half, but at times it's hard. I find myself eyeing Ulysses suspiciously, poke The Reality Dysfunction every once in a while to see if it's moved, or tuck The Idiot in my purse to try to get through just a little more. (Does anyone else think it's odd that a 600+ Dostoyevsky book is the only one that will fit in my


Cwwj Review: Caution: spoiler.

I always like Grisham's books in spite of the cartoonish political spin (Republicans uniformly evil; Democrats caring, sensitive, kind). This, his fourth book, was surely not one of his best, but only because there is a mile-wide hole in the plot. The solution to the dilemma of little Mark -- who possesses the secret of where the Senator's body is buried
-- was so overwhelmingly clear within the first 100 pages that each successive machination of Reggie's, each attempt to protec


Sybil aka Lala Review: So you know that certain time of the month? Yup, you know the one. When your hair feels like grass and your skin’s a mess, you’re bloated and a chocolate bar could solve the world’s problems. But everyone around you is an annoying fuckhead and really, you just need a good cry to make you feel better, but at the end of it – you also need to know that happily-ever-afters actually exist and everything is good and pure in the world.

Well, I present to you Snared. Affirming your faith in love and life


Ferdy Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Spoilers

Awful. Just awful. The plot was crap — some young guy gets killed in one country and then that country starts a war with the murderer's country and then there's also a silly prophecy about a chosen one/Mary Sue/boring bitch. It all made for horrible reading.

The world building was thin and unimaginative. Basically there were 3 countries: 1. Aurenos was sunny, fertile and lovely
2. Paelsia was poor, dry and depressing and 3. Limeros was cold and harsh. The people in Aurenos were spoilt laz


Raeleen Lemay Review: Not gonna lie, I’m tempted to flip right back to page 1 and read the book again. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO ME.


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