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1. Title:Hydrocarbon process safety : a text for students and professionals

Author: Jones, John Clifford

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Whittles Publishing




Kristi Elizabeth Review: Read all my reviews at: https://brainfartsandbooks.wordpress.com

To say I was disappointed by this book is an understatement. When looking through the chapters I was so excited to learn about the different body types, chakras, what foods to eat for each body type, and different routines to do to balance everything out. What I found was this book was so long and drawn out that I quickly lost interest. There were many facts that were repeated over and over again. It also bothered me that one of the


Hannah Garden Review: Y0u can't really three-star a sweet little treatise 0n h0w t0 be m0re kind and m0re aware 0f the hearts 0f pe0ple ar0und y0u, s0 this gets f0ur stars, because Thich Nhat Hanh, I like y0u m0re in the0ry than in practice, y0u 0l' dry-t0ngued devil.


Donna Review: I am drawn to nonfiction, health books in particular. I like reading them and I have read quite a few. First, I loved the voice of the author. It felt personal but pointed, which I appreciated. I liked that it felt she was sitting across the table.

Overall, the diet aspect felt extreme. For normal healthy people, I don't see the need for this, (even after hearing the pitch). This book felt like it was geared more towards those who are experiencing health issues on a wide scale, and who want to se


Kelly Review: I received a complimentary copy of “Coldwater” to review from a Christian standpoint. I finished reading Coldwater three days ago and I have yet to fully decide if this book deserves to be on the Christian bookshelf. I liked the book and it would have easily scored a 5 star if I removed the low rating I gave it for the Christian message category. Michael is a very intriguing character. He carries a living sin within him that mysteriously kills living things near him. He is on the run from a lync


Catriona (LittleBookOwl) Review: This book was so beautiful and haunting. I fell in love with so many of the characters, and loved how their lives were weaved together. Knowing the time period this was set in, I knew the ending would hurt. And it did, though I didn't shed as many tears as I expected.
The writing was incredible, the descriptions so vivid. It did a superb job of showing the reader how the characters felt through their actions, rather than telling. Whilst the short chapters (on average 1.5 pages) helped to make thi


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