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Fran Review: "The Chilbury Ladies' Choir" is an epistolary novel providing a snapshot of the experiences of a group of mostly women during World War II over the time period from March-September 1940. Able bodied men have joined the war effort and the Vicar has decided to disband the choir saying that only a mixed chorus will do! Enter Primrose Trent, music professor. Prim restructures the choral music for women's voices only, the Vicar concedes defeat, and The Chilbury Ladies' Choir is born. Music is the sal


Lauren Review: Affordable? No. Eco-friendly? Not...really. It's part of the way there. But "recycled" (usually only partially) and "recyclable" materials are not necessarily all that awesome, and there is a lot of focus on energy star appliances. The appliances alone do not an eco-friendly house make. This kind of seemed like a book to assuage the guilt of rich people looking to build second houses...there are far better sustainable housing books out there. But at the same time, I enjoyed looking through it, s


Neide Parafitas Review: Uma bela surpresa este livro!!! :)

Quatro pessoas que não se conhecem entre si vêem-se nomeadas num testamento de uma mulher, da qual não têm qualquer tipo de conhecimento.

Beatrice Malaspina, a mulher que fez o testamento e dona da Villa Dante exige que os quatro desconhecidos compareçam na sua Villa em Itália. Estes acedem, curiosos com este enigma e descobrem na Villa Dante um lugar mágico e capaz de operar milagres nos seus estados de espírito!

Mas à medida que procuram resolver o mistério ace


Julie Cotsaftis Review: A surprise, as this book as been on my to read shelf for ages because it didn't really appeal to me. A good surprise actually, for the superb irony as for the brilliant dialogues. A classic that is worth reading, especially when it is at the same time so easy and so clever!


Khanh (the meanie) Review:
A terrifying plan began to take shape, and his chest tightened in fear as he realized what he would have to do. But Wells knew there was no other way. To save the girl he loved, he’d have to endanger the entire human race.

FUCK YOU, WELLS. There is another way. You stop being a selfish motherfucker whose brain is located in your fucking penis.

This book is not a dystopian novel of a spaceship society. It's not a post-apocalyptic tale of survival. It's not about the nitty gritty of life within a


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