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1. Title:Галицько-Волинський літопис

Author: Федорів Р. М. (Отв. за выпуск); Махновец Л. Е., Бевзо А. А. (пер)

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Червона калина




Caru Review: Rating: 4 Stars

My Opinion of This Book: Definitely better than the first book!

Wow..this book. Guys, I basically hated the first book, but I decided to give this series another chance. So I go to Barnes & Noble, pick it up, and expect to just read one or two chapters (because, you know, the first one was bad, so why would this be good?), but instead I read the whole entire thing. In one sitting. At B&N. I haven't finished a book in one sit


Maqluba Review: eh.


Jeff Zentner Review: This book is utterly spellbinding in every way. The language, the descriptions, the mythology. Emily Henry is just a brilliant writer. That's all there is to it. This book is impossibly full of magic.


Jay Review: the message: you are perfect just the way you are!

a little girl struggles to use her chopsticks, with everyone telling her she holds them wrong, until her dad tells her she does it just perfectly.

whether this book is used or not, this is a lesson that all children should be taught!!

loved it!!!

** thanks to NetGalley & the publishers for this copy!


Hanne Review: Fynn needs to be away from home for a while and he takes his dog, Boone, with him on his trip. He ends up in Butterfield and he soon meets Ella in the store where she works. The next day, Fynn goes back to that store and hopes to see Ella again. Ella is happy to see Fynn again. Fynn decides to stay a little longer in Butterfield and he starts to work in the park right across from the store. Ella goes to see him and she loves to spend time with him.

I loved Fynn and Ella! I loved them together! El


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