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1. Title:Computational Analysis with the HP 25 Pocket Calculator

Author: Peter Henrici

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Michael Bohli Review: Ist es nicht immer so? Eine Buchreihe beginnt mit Furore und verliert mit jedem Teil etwas von seiner Energie. Auch bei der weltweit einzigen fünfteiligen Trilogie "Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis" verhält es sich so. Glücklicherweise versinkt die Saga aber nie in in extraterrestrische Müllberge - den sechsten Teil vergessen wir hier jetzt einfach mal.

Der Höhepunkt erfolgt natürlich gleich mit dem ersten Buch, der Eröffnung, der Grosstat von Douglas Adams. Mit seinem kurzen und unglaublich humorv


Tatiana Review: Update 12/22/2014

I still think it's agreat story and I still think the first part needed some trimming - too much recapping and too much horny angst.

NO SPOILERS (I wouldn't do this to you) *But there might be some in comments*

OMG! What an exciting ride it has been! And how satisfying! So much depended on the quality of this last installment and, thank goodness, Moning didn't disappoint. Shadowfever is not one of those series finales that you want to forget ever reading. Quite the opposite. There


Brandee Price Review: Sweet read!

Karen Booth delivered yet another delight continuing her reign on my list of guilty pleasure reading. I was eager for the continuation of the Locke Legacy series having enjoyed Sawyer's story so well and having met his siblings, Charlotte and Noah. The surprise baby trope is well-played in Holiday Baby Bombshell. :)


Both Charlotte and Michael have pasts that greatly impact how they approach relationships. Despite Michael feeling that Charlotte was "differen


Darlene Review: Anthony is that man that CLAIMS your attention and COMMANDS it fully

Drew Sera… has yet again delivered such an exceptional book with Being Graves. Your breathe will be stolen by the words and imagery Drew conveys inside these pages.

From the beginning of the Club Irons series - Anthony Graves was the character that one had to experience for themselves by reading and immersing yourself in his story. No words can ever do this character justice. If you have the opportunity - start fresh from the be


Nataliya Review:
When people talk about the "special" feel of Russian literature, I tend to shrug it away as yet another point of confusion "Westerners" have with anything Slavic.

But when I tried to explain the feeling this book evoked in me to a few "Westerners" I startlingly realized that "it just *feels* so essentially Russian" may indeed be a valid description that encompasses the soul-searching ambiguity, the pursuit of deeper truths shrouded in light sadness, the frustrating but yet revealing lack of answ


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