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1. Title:Арифметика цифровых машин

Author: Карцев М.А.

FileType: djvu





PattyMacDotComma Review: 4★
“People came to Audra for advice— well, no, not advice, that was the wrong word. They came to her for secrets, for gossip, for connections— for intel, that was the term— about everything. Friends sought her expertise on their job interviews, on their children’s chances of getting into private schools, on marriage counselors, on hairdressers, on au pairs, on restaurants, on shops, on neighborhood watches, on gyms, on doctors, on internet providers. People asked her about local politics and she


Trish Review: This book requires a serious time commitment. Grant lived 132 years ago, not so long in the course of things. Much had been written about him at the time, and much after. He himself wrote memoirs that are highly regarded and that showed his intelligence and shrewdness. His mother-in-law Dent, Julia’s mother, noticed that although he had failings (alcohol) and could sometimes get off-track career-wise (an inability to make money as an independent entrepreneur), he had a fine political mind. That


Belinda Review: I luckily received the ARC of this book. As with all of Debra's books it was so very hard to put down. This is the next book in the Shades of Death series. This book focuses around Tony LeDoux. You will remember him for using Bobbie to catch her husbands and sons killer. But they bonded by what happened to of them. Tony gets a call his niece is missing and heads out to meet his sister and husband to find out what is going on. He has been consuming lots of alcohol since he quit the bureau..but he


Jason Review: Interesting premise, but it doesn't really go anywhere. The talking cat is the only dynamic element of the plot.


Danica Review: Okay. Wow. Let's back the hell up here. How is this so highly rated? Are those genre-establishment reviewers who're thrashing about in paroxysms of fawning five-star NEXT BIG THING OMG joy wearing blinders or just so used to mediocre fantasy that this book actually comes across looking good in comparison? Why do these high fantasy disappointments keep on keeping on? Whose brilliant idea was it to throw around the GRRM and Harry Potter comparisons, thereby actually getting me to waste my pennies


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