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1. Title:Fun With Figures

Author: J. A. Hunter

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Dover Pubns




Pree Chan Review: Carter and Faith, high school sweethearts, each others first in everything. Faith was the only girl for Carter from his childhood, she was girl he was in love with, but he never the word slip from him. They both had dreams he wants to be Mariner and she wants to be lawyer, Carter doesn't wanted to spoil it making the things complicated and Faith always thought that as a short term high school fling between them.
Now after Nine years, they are back to their hometown, Oakland, things had changed, u


Stacey Review: Set in the Seattle area this a page turner that goes back and forth from the late 1800's in Washington Territory to present. Inara is lured back to Orcas Island where her mother passed away and to inspect a piece of family property. What she finds is more than a hidden passion to resurrect the old property, but family secrets surface when she discovers an ornately embroidered piece of silk from a robe hidden under the floorboards. This is very good and prompted me to look more into The Chinese E


Roman Clodia Review: All about Ellis

As someone who has always regarded Anne Bronte's Wildfell Hall as one of the most anarchic of nineteenth-century novels, a kind of dark antidote to the sparkling romances of Austen et al., it's good to see Anne being brought out from the shadows of her sisters.

This book, though, is more about Samantha Ellis than Anne herself. Part self-analysis, part rumination on her own life, part biased depiction of Anne based on some rather skewed readings (especially with regard to Charlotte


Ian "Marvin" Graye Review: DJ Ian's Sunday Evening "Tell Me What You Really Think"

You're listening to Radio KCRCR, "Tell Me What You Really Think", where we listen to the critics and you talk back. That's if there's any time left after I finish my rant. Hehe.

A lot of listeners ask me about my namesake. What about that other Ian Graye, you say. The one on GoodReads. What do you think of him? And what did you think of his recent review of David Foster Wallace's magnum opus?

Well, let me reassure you: that other Ian Graye is


Donald Armfield Review: an eerie sample of whats to come from Nevill's new collection. Three shorts that manly evolve around young kids and things that go bump in the night.
I've been looking forward to reading more of the authors work since reading "The Ritual"
and this was just a taste....


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