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1. Title:A Software-Defined GPS and Galileo Receiver: A Single-Frequency Approach

Author: Kai Borre, Dennis M. Akos, Nicolaj Bertelsen, Peter Rinder, Søren Holdt Jensen

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Marie Review: It starts out as just a fun game between three friends, Mike, Jim, and Russell. They want to get together to show off some macabre object in a haunted house on Andover Lane for a little fun, but when one of the friends brings an audio recording of a woman supposedly being murdered and plays the audio in the house, things take a turn for the worse.

The chapters of the book goes back and forth between all three characters as they start experiencing weird feelings and seeing apparations in the plac


Cait (Paper Fury) Review: Okay so this was a definite pocketful of feministic glory. I confess I was worried! As much as I adore Leigh Bardugo, I actually hadn't (UNTIL NOW) read a superhero-adaption-novel that didn't make me feel like swallowing rusty sporks. But this reads fully like a decent superpowered exciting action adventure story and I thoroughly loved it! Even though I will confess it was rather slow. And who the heck knows what's going on with my paperback, but the font was so tiny I lost about 9 years off my


Neus Review: Lovely illustrations!


Rinda Elwakil Review: "شيئا فشيئا اعتاد الناس طباع دانيار الغريبة
و بعد ذلك لم يعودوا يلحظون ذلك علي الإطلاق، و لعل هذا ما كان ينبغي
حين لا يتميز المرء بأي شئ فإن الناس ينسونه شيئا فشيئا"

قال عنها لويس أراغون أنها "أفضل قصة حب في العالم" .

لا أنسي احباطي الأول بعد أمنية ماركيز أن يكون هو صاحب فتيات جميلات


التي لم تتعد كونها إحباط كبير.

جار كتابة ريفيو



Lu Bielefeld *read.laugh.love* Review: heroin is a whore:

Do you guys know Tiffany?”
“We’ve met,” Santos says noncommittally, the woman next to him still watching me. My heart starts to race, and I’m praying this is not who I think it is. “This is my wife, Mariana.”
Guilt hits me like a ton of bricks. I knew Santos was married when we hooked up, but I never thought I’d come face-to-face with his wife. Groupies never interact with the families. We stay distant. Separate. The two never overlap.
Being in front of her, seeing her face,


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