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Carrie Review: Better Dead by Pamela Kopfler is the first book in the new B&B Spirits Mystery series. The book would be best classified as a cozy mystery read but this one has touches of paranormal with a resident ghost and also felt a bit like a romantic suspense since the point of view does end up switching between Holly and Jake after the first few chapters with just Holly.

I did quite like the idea behind bringing in a ghost in this story. The book starts off with Holly toasting her late husband who was


Jane Kirima Review: Great, great, great book!

This is a collection of all great short stories, every one of these authors is highly talented and verbally gifted. Worth reading over and over again! Great job and keep up the good work!


BrocheAroe Review: Meet Princess Serena, aka Princess Pulverizer! She must complete 8 good deeds on a Quest of Kindness to become a Knight. Deed #1: Rescue jewels, a scared knight, and a gassy, cheese-eating dragon from a sleepy ogre. Silly, funny, and empowering for young girls. Ages 4+


Jonetta Review: I have such mixed feelings about this story.

Harry Bosch and partner Jerry Edgar respond to a call about a bone found by a doctor's dog. He's certain it's human and he turns out to be right, prompting the start of what ends up being a very cold case.

I loved the forensics aspect of the story, along with the procedurals. Nobody does it better than Harry and I enjoy his investigative style. There are other personal situations that impact the investigation and Harry's career that I found troubling.


Maria✦❋Steamy Reads Blog❋✦ Review:

➦Fuk it, 5 big ones. Because you know what? When you read so many books stuff starts blurring together. And this book stood out! I was completely and utterly satisfied by the end of it. Vi Keeland has a purrfect balance of fun banter, sexual chemistry and angst!

➦Drew is a lawyer and he owns his own practice. He goes on vacation and has his work space renovated. Comes back. Finds a woman in a storage room of his office re-arranging some shit. Because check this - she thinks it's her office.



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