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1. Title:Applied and Computational Complex Analysis: Special Functions, Integral Transforms, Asymptotics, Continued Fractions

Author: Peter Henrici

FileType: djvu

Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc





United Indie Book Blog Review: Aidan is a pro hockey player. He got injured and then traded. He is adjusting to the changes. He is kind of a loner at the moment. The team captain and the team make sure to include Aidan in and activities they do. Aidan has been feeling kind of weird. He has noticed that he is attracted to his captain. He is not sure why. He has always been attracted to women. One evening the team goes out for drinks and Aidan gets drunk and from the moment a chain of events happen? What do you think happen? Th


Kelly (and the Book Boar) Review: Find all of my reviews at:

One word review: Meh.

I feel like I channeled my inner Barney Stinson and shouted from the rooftops “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” to this dare . . . .

I also learned maybe the only thing that works less for me than the short story is the vignette. Especially a whole shit-ton of them starring Andrea, the fictional character I’d most like to punch in the throat so far this year.

In addition, I’m terrified that this book is supposed to be all about


Debbie Review: Oh dear, sigh sigh. I’m sad I didn't like this book more--I so wanted to. Lots of friends love Picoult, so I feel sort of like an alien, one standing at alert, with her handy but annoying Complaint Board right here front and center.

The story line drew me right in. A black labor and delivery nurse is accused by a white supremacist of murdering his newborn, and a very sympathetic and determined lawyer defends her. All three—Ruth the nurse, Turk the supremacist, and Kennedy the lawyer have their ow


Heidi Review: This book contains 5 stories: The Tracks in the Sand, the Red Sled, Ann's Ring, the Kitten and the Mitten, and Sad Sam.


Lubinka Dimitrova Review: I sought out the book after reading an interview with the author, and it was totally worth it. The book is quite enlightening, and to be honest, deeply frightening. Internet data can work miracles for the benefit of humanity, but it can bring to life many unimaginable, Big-Brother-type nightmares (current US presidents not excluded, just sayin...). Still, it's good to know.


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