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1. Title:A first course in abstract algebra

Author: Hiram Paley

FileType: djvu

Publisher:International Thomson Publishing




Danielle Review: I adore Chirri & Chirra. This one features insects (and a lizard) and could have "a series of magical snacks" as its subtitle. Another dream of a book conceived of by someone who seems beautifully in tune with childhood.


Melinda Review: Wow I’m loving this author books and especially this series. One of the best series I’ve read in a while. It’s full of action, adventure and intrigue, which makes this book such a page turner and a must read all day long. I absolutely loved the storyline and the story this author has written, it totally had me engrossed and kept me glued to the story the whole way through this book. The characters are amazing and even the secondary characters are too. Felt like this story has a lot going on but


Felecia (reading.writing.coffee) Review: Broken House is the first book I've read from Tom Turner, and I can absolutely say it won't be the last. When I first started reading it, I couldn't really get into it. I wasn't a fan of Cam, but by the second chapter I was hooked. The story revolves around several characters and each chapter focuses on the POV of a different one. I ended up very vested in these characters and as a result was on an emotional roller coaster with them; laughing one minute, crying the next. Broken House is a great


A.L. Butcher Review: So where to start? As one would expect from Janet Morris there is a lot more to this story than a simple science fiction tale. Firstly the protagonist is a woman, and a strong one at that. Estri is not your screaming maiden waiting to be rescued. She’s a feisty woman, who knows her worth, knows her skills, and her failings and above all she knows herself.

Estri is more than a woman of pleasure – for on her world this is no shameful profession. As Well Keepress she is much sought after, and highl


Kristy Review: Look at this cover!!!! It's gorgeous right?
I was really expecting a romantic, titanic tale with some rich designer or something. This was pretty good, but it wasn't that....

In a nutshell this is a fictional story trying to answer why did only one life-boat go back to rescue overboard passengers from the titanic. Alcott really focuses in on one boat in particular- Lifeboat #1, the Duff-Gordon's boat.
I am warning you I think I am about to go on a "Kristy Ramble".

This book was very informative, li


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