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1. Title:Nuclear power plant life management processes : guidelines and practices for heavy water reactors

Author: International Atomic Energy Agency

FileType: pdf

Publisher:International Atomic Energy Agency





Stephen Review: This was the beginning of my addiction to POTter. I had previously experimented with and enjoyed POTter on 3 different occasions, but could easily have walked away and never touched the stuff again. Then, under some pressure from some POTterHEAD peers of mine, I tried the newest blend called the Goblet...and everything changed. As the warm, easy, potato chip prose crossed my blood-brain barrier, euphoria ensued. My inner child was smitten.

I...was...hooked and I...was...happy.

Ignore the so-call


Barb Middleton Review: Rowan Samuel Ward. My grandson was born today! I'd swing this computer around my head like a lasso I'm so excited, but instead I'll rein in and control myself (particularly since it is not even my computer.) Rowan Samuel Ward. A strong name. "Blimey, 'e is a 'andsome baby, dat 'e is." Names are chain-linked to the theme of self-identity with deep roots in children's literature and common to coming-of-age stories. Richard Peck's tale involves a mouse narrator in search of his identity that goes o


Bonnie Review: Gah! This book was wonderful, and would be an automatic add to my favorites, except for 2 things. I know. Me and my 2 picky things, but they're big issues. Maybe eventually this will go in my favorites, but for now those 2 things are bugging me too much.

Keturah follows a beautiful deer into the woods one day, and after a long chase, discovers that she is lost and cannot find her way back. On the verge of dying, Lord Death comes to take her, but, Keturah, renowned in her small town for her storyt


Arielle Masters Review: Will say up front that I didn't realize this was a followon to a previous novel. I have not read anything else by this author AFAIK.

This book had interesting ideas and a premise that drew me in - fantastic carpentry with hidden compartments! An amazingly engineered watch! Lots of old books! - but I found it to be ludicrous and pretentious in its execution. It started out well - I love books and libraries - but quickly turned into a farce. A contemporary urban fantasy for men with obsessive-compu


Kris Review: This book is a memoir of a biographer, James Atlas, as he reminisces about his experiences writing two biographies -- of Delmore Schwartz, and of Saul Bellow. It's a meditation on the art of biography, with attention to some of the ethical quandaries facing biographers whose subjects have recently died or are still living. Is it prying to quote from correspondence? How should biographers handle situations when informants are embroiling them in conflicts with their subjects? Where is the line bet


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