Essays 1958-1962 on Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge Volume III.pdf


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1. Title:Essays 1958-1962 on Atomic Physics and Human Knowledge Volume III

Author: Niels Bohr

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Ox Bow Press





Suzanne Review: Oh I love these freaky alien kids so much! I cannot wait for more books in this series. I was a late to reading the Lorien Legacies but once I started them this year I read all of them within weeks. They were so addictive! There is something about these little alien children and the new generation of the children who got powers that just leaves me so fascinated with a need for more! I was so into it that I stayed up reading the book before going to bed for my trip that I left the book by acciden


Whitney Atkinson Review: 4.5 Stars

I was highly anticipating this, and I wasn't disappointed! Really eye-opening about race and gender, especially from the eyes of a woman of color. I definitely think it's a valuable read.

I'm super picky with writing style in poetry, and I was pleased with this. Most of the poems ended up being shorter than I expected, but they were short without being pretentious or overly-simple. The writing is imaginative and clever enough to let the short pieces stand for themselves, but the longer p


Abbi Review: This book kept me up way longer than I planned on, I was exhausted but I just couldn’t put it down until I knew how it ended! From start to finish I was sucked into the story, trying to figure out how the pieces fit and who to trust, right along with Ryan and Izzy. There were so many twists and unexpected turns that it wasn’t until just about the last second that I finally put it all together.
I loved both Ryan and Izzy, they were both great cops and even though they faced a devastating loss they


Joanna Reeves Review: Ohhhh this just gets better and better, I read it with wide staring eyes , a death grip on my kindle ( so I’m told) and held my breath. So many questions, who the hell is the wolf ( I have suspects) what did Morgan do to this person? Who can Reid really trust? Belle is such an amazing author, this dark read grips you and you can’t read it quick enough to get your answers. Just two more parts to go.... I want to know the truth but I’m also gonna miss this series. Five stars is just not enough


Aestas Book Blog Review: ::: FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED :::

Silence, daughter. Stay alive."

WOW!! What an enchanting story! This book was beautifully written, stunningly imaginative, poetic, thrilling, romantic, and exciting. Reading it was like going on an adventure and being swept away in a fantastical fairy tale filled with danger, magic, and woven together with a love story! I’ve loved this author’s writing for a long time and this story was exceptional!! If you’re looking for new book to read that is captivating an


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