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1. Title:Number Theory

Author: George E Andrews

FileType: djvu






Felipe Review: Fui introduzido ao universo do Lourenço através da adaptação que o Heitor Dhalia fez deste Cheiro do Ralo. Ainda não tive oportunidade de ler nenhuma de suas hq's mas o estilo algo prolixo, marginal, sujo, confuso de sua literatura sempre me interessou bastante, ainda que não seja algo que eu procure frequentemente. 'Cheiro' é provavelmente a melhor porta de entrada para quem quer experimentar um pouc ode Mutarelli, estão lá todos os seus temas, mas talvez com uma violência estética e estilístic


Ginger McNulty Review: Wow! This book is what my dear big brother calls a "flop-over" As soon as you're done reading the last page, you'll want to flop it over and read it again, knowing that it will be a different story, even more rich and more intriguing; minus the full force shock value and well communicated initial confusion; plus the added insight and understanding from the first run through.

Aside from the artwork, my favorite pages are the Introduction by Richard Bonnie and the final page, the Afterword.

I've rea


Kathy Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Setting: my house, his house – neighbors - hammock

Theme: falling in love, with the person who fascinates you, not the imaginary planned one

Zack Grange – paramedic, friends with Mick & Josh, has a daughter – wife died at when in a car accident when going to the hospital in early labor; he’s decided that his daughter needs a mother (after she asked about feminine pads after seeing a commercial on tv)
Dani Grange – 4 years old – cute, speaks her mind, well loved, affectionate. She dec


Meredith Review: 2.5 stars

I know I am probably going to get beat up for this, but here goes nothing….

Secrets, lies, and a whole lot of over-the-top twists make up The Wife Between Us. This was a fun and entertaining read, but in the end it wasn’t the right book for me.

I loved the first half of this book--I ate up every word, and dreaded the moment when I had to put it down. I was surprised by the first twist--it threw me for a loop! Seriously, I was so addicted to this book that I read it every chance I got, in


Jason Review: I thought this would be a great tool for self-diagnosis, but actually Ronson skitters from one case to another without really making any definitive point. But maybe that’s the point. Psychopathy is probably not an absolute for most people, as there are many among us who exist in some sort of sociopathic gray area (myself included). Me, I scored a 10, so I’m a partial psychopath. (Surprise, surprise!) My downfall? Apparently, I don’t really care too much about other people.

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