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New Fictions

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Author: Ilya Prigogine, Stuart Alan Rice

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Publisher:Wiley, John Sons





Jessica Review: This book was everything.

As a Filipino American I have never read a book about my culture until this. This book proves that representation matters. I related to all the Filipino parts. I loved the use of Tagalog words and Filipino food throughout the novel. One of my favorite quotes was when Jasmine described her brother as being “louder and more dramatic than anybody else, which really means something when you come from a Filipino family” (40). That is so damn true.

Thank you so much Melissa d


Madeleine Review: I feel like I owe Sylvia Plath an apology. This is a book I actively avoided for years because so many people (namely female classmates who wanted to be perceived as painfully different or terminally misunderstood or on the verge of absolutely losing their teenage shit) lauded the virtues of this book and how it, like, so totally spoke to them in places they didn't even know they had ears. My own overly judgmental high-school self could not accept even the remote possibility of actual merit lurk


MRIDULA Review: “But all fairytales have rules, and perhaps it’s their rules that actually distinguish one fairytale from the other. These rules never need to be understood. They only need to be followed. If not, what they promise won’t come true.” ― Jostein Gaarder

Camille has a perfect life. Born and raised in the Napa Valley among vineyards and good people, Camille is kind, smart and extremely talented when it comes to marketing and business. She is the sole heir to the Chateau Joy, a wine producing company,


Matt Review: Lord Jim is an incredibly frustrating book. It's part imperial adventure, part psychological study, in the vein of Joseph Conrad's most famous work, Heart of Darkness. However, whereas Heart was brief and elegant, Lord Jim is a repetitive slog. I spent as much time trying to figure out who was telling the story as I did actually enjoying the story.

The book tells of the eponymous Jim, who is a mate aboard the merchant ship Patna, which is carrying hundreds of Muslim pilgrims. Mid-voyage, the ship


Nathan Review: Intelligent, concise, yet tough to use at times. Wonderful for reference--if you happen to know the name of the idea or tactic you want to read about. I ended up reading it cover-to-cover, since the dictionary-style alphabetical categories lacked a topic index in the back. Still, worthwhile.


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