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1. Title:Configuring Juniper Networks Net: Screen & SSG Firewalls

Author: Rob Cameroon, Brad Woodberg, Mohan Krishnamurthy Madwachar, Mike Swarm, Neil R. Wyler, Matthew Albers and Ralph Bonnell (Eds.)

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Diane S ☔ Review: No matter how many stories are told or books written, it seems there is a neverending supply of man's inhumanity to others still to be told. The culture, silence and greed necessary to let this type of evil perpetuate and grow. The Tennessee Children's society is the focus of this novel, harm against the helpless and most vulnerable among us and the poor who did not have the resources necessary to fight back. Hidden within plain sight, this place flourished in it's cruelty and money making by th


Bam Review: In this dystopian novel, Cedar Hawk Songmaker is four months pregnant at the end of the world as we know it. Evolution has come to a screeching halt and is seemingly rapidly reversing. Society is falling apart; food is scarce; nobody knows exactly what is happening. The US government has been replaced by something called the Church of the New Constitution and they are actively rounding up all pregnant women to study them and their fetuses.

We learn all this through journal entries that Cedar is


Themistocles Review: Well, let's put it this way: if you need this book, then you obviously have no place in managing anything, and your pet goldfish is probably already dead out of neglect and lack of food.

Really?? Is this one of the best business books of the last years? Published by Harvard Press? For the love of god... As Dilbert would say, I was blinded by the obvious time and again and got tired of the oh-so-original (NOT!) charts and diagrams very soon. What practical advice the author gives could have been s


Bach Tran Quang Review: 3 sao rưỡi. Vì không ngờ Keigo nổi tiếng về trinh thám lại có thể có một góc nhìn khác như vậy về cuộc sống: Rất hướng thiện, nhân bản. Nhưng mà khoan, hãy chớ nghĩ đơn giản về cuốn sách này, bởi bậc thầy trinh thám Nhật Bản đã dùng đúng nguyên tắc đó để móc nối một tấm tơ nhện khổng lồ về đúng một nút thắt trung tâm: Tiệm tạp hóa Namiya.

Qua đó, ta thấy rất nhiều kiếp người, rất nhiều cuộc đời, và rõ ràng là mỗi quyết định trong cuộc sống, mỗi góc nhìn đều sẽ ảnh hưởng lớn tương lai sau này. Một


Kaitlin Review: I'm finally continuing with the Fables Series and I have to say I am very excited to be doing so! I have had the next couple since September and just never got around to them last year, but I knew I would enjoy them when i did and this was certainly one I did enjoy.

Fables is a story following all sorts of fairytale, storybook and fable characters from all sorts of cultures and tales. We have a few major character so far including Snow White, Rose Red and Bigby the Wolf, but there's a lot of diff


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