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1. Title:South-Western Federal Taxation 2014: Individual Income Taxes, Professional Edition

Author: William Hoffman, James E. Smith

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Cengage Learning





Nancy Review: I truly enjoyed this one!!!


Christy Review: 4 stars!

I have read every single book of Abbi Glines (Yes- ALL of them) so when I heard she was writing a new YA book, I had to get it asap. She is such a guilty pleasure of mine because I know exactly what to expect when I read a book of hers. I know the type of heroes/heroines to look forward to and usually what direction the book will go. Her books have a formula and it’s one that works for me. Until Friday Night had that, but was a little different since it was YA.

Maggie and West meet one F


Caz Review: I've given this an A at AAR.

A new book from Loretta Chase is always cause for celebration, and her latest, A Duke in Shining Armor, gets her new  Difficult Dukes  trilogy off to a start worthy of much festivity.  On the face of it, it’s the very simple story of two people falling in love with the ‘wrong’ (right) person and having to decide what they are willing to risk to be together; but this is Loretta Chase and in her hands, ‘simple’ encompasses fully-rounded characters with real emotional de


1-Click Addict Support Group Review: Shawn Braden and Taralynn Evans have known each other practically all their lives, yet as long as they have known each other, there has never been a ‘them’. And not because of Taralynn, but because of Shawn.

Shawn feel likes he's incapable of having a relationship with any woman, let alone Taralynn, so he does it the easy way—random hookups, and no, he doesn't do repeats either. One thing is for sure, though… He's never loved anyone but Taralynn

Taralynn's life has been anything but perfect. She


Jason Review: "the father and mother of American poetry are back from the dead for just one day. They are standing up out of their graves, turning to each other, exchanging their tit-pics!

Not sure if I'm correct in doing this but I laughed a lot at this poetry, some of it is soooooooooo rude, I had to leave the room to giggle otherwise I would have to explain my laughter to my kids. Bambi doing porn and a poem showing just how dirty nature can be were brilliantly funny. The rape joke was one of the darkest p


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