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1. Title:Atomic and Molecular Properties

Author: Karol Jankowski (auth.), Stephen Wilson (eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer US





Melanie Review: You guys, I wasn't even going to read this. But now I know there are gay dads that upset Goodreads bigots and I'm so here for it! ❤

Buddy Read with Sarah & Rachel! ❤


Kayla Review: Marissa Meyer in Interview: (paraphrased)

"Winter decided not to use her Lunar gift. She experiences bad hallucinations and her mental state is deteriorating."


Winter is going to be such an interesting character I'm so excited!

After Reading Cress

So, without too many spoilers, I'm just going to leave this little exchange here:

Winter: "You shouldn't call me crazy. They don't like that."

Other Character: "But you are!"

Winter: "I know that I am. Do you know how I know? Because the walls of t


Paul Bryant Review:
Newton’s Third Law of thermodynamics says that things cannot be held up indefinitely. This applies to traffic jams and also especially if you’re over the age of 50 when the evidence will be clear even to non-physicists, just look in the mirror. The angle of dangle is in inverse proportion to the square of the hypotenuse; and the radius is constantly half the diameter and twice the circumference except for catwalk models when it’s the reverse. These are things known to the tiniest schoolgirl.



T.M. Payne Review: Book: Heavenly Scents
Author: AK Michaels
My Rating: 5 Stars
Publication Date: 1/9/2018
Reviewed by: Tammy Payne- Book Nook Nuts

Well our Gerri is at it again. She never forgot that crazy she-wolf Connie who had offered herself up to her back in a previous book. Well it's time to pay it forward or back? lol.

Connie doesn't want to belittle her bestfriends happiness but lately she is feeling out of sorts. She feels lost. She wants to move out into town away from the pack. Will Chad her alpha al


Katie Fitzgerald Review: The illustrations are definitely the best thing about this story, which was so forgettable I actually had to go back through the book again two days after I finished it to remember what it was about. The most interesting thing about the pictures is the figures’ facial features. Only their eyes are actually drawn onto their faces. Their noses, chins, and mouths are merely suggested by the shape of their faces. It’s amazing that the illustrator was still able to convey so much emotion without actu


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