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Ariel Review: I first read this in Grade 11 and decided it was my favourite book. I knew a reread needed to happen right away, but it took me four years to finally get around to it when my boyfriend gifted me this beautiful illustrated edition. Animal Farm is a book I often think about and often quote, and it was a bit nerve-wracking to go back to it to see if it actually lived up to everything I had built it up to be. Thankfully, I'm thrilled to say it did.

In many ways it's a little bit underwhelming the sec


Corabel Shofner Review:
With this first line “[t]he day I was born I was four times smaller than the
trophy largemouth bass hanging in my daddy’s shop” Vilonia Beebe took charge of my heart and I would give it to her again.
I have a soft spot for heartfelt humor and brave characters who lean into the problems of this world. Vilonia’s grandmother has recently died which sent Vilonia’s mother into a deep depression. Vilonia takes over her mother’s job, which is writing obituaries for the local paper. (I must admit I was


Cathrine ☯️ Review: 3.5★
This was one of those books where I ended up feeling like I should have liked it better than I did. GR besties gave it 5 stars and I’m often on the same page they are but finished with readers remorse at my inability to fully embrace it.
A talented writer and timely subject matter but I could not connect well with the characters or how their story unfolded. Overall their relationship mirrored the societal/political issues at the root of the story which have no answers or hope on the near hori


Aaron Review: I stumbled upon this book while reading Saving Eutychus. The authors recommended the book and said that it was one of the best on the topic. What I discovered was a small, 24 page treasure chest of wisdom from one of the great preachers of the 19th century.

Ryle’s style is easy to read and his experience of 45 years behind the pulpit was evident. He draws from a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. The basic premise is if we want to effect change in hearts then we must keep the delivery, the words, a


Sandra Review: 3.5 stars I wasn't so sure about this one. I've listened to all the other books of the series as audio books, and wasn't sure how the series would translate to written for me. I didn't like how judgmental Donner was of Calder. The addition of him having a different skin color actually made it very poignant and more uncomfortable.

But Calder was so easy going and good natured, not to mentioned understanding. We learn that the Christmas Elves do have genuine reason to be fearful of the Dockalfar,


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