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New Fictions

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Author: Kenneth J. Zucker (ed.)

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Christine Jalili Review: Wow! I totally loved this book and devoured it within hours. I love when I feel the heartache the characters went through. Ava and Tanner are so HOT together. But her Dad is Dean ( his ex best friend). Can he and Dean make up? Will Dean understand about his relationship with Ava? Will he ever give his support to them being together? I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy and I highly recommend this book.


Leigha's Little Library Review: At about 37%, I was smiling, this so far has given me really good warm and fuzzy feelings. I am in love with the artwork. It's heartwarming and makes me happy. I do not know if I would call this a picture book. Sure, there are a lot of pictures, but just as much text or more. I feel like this book is good for any age, but when thinking about children, probably 7+ if the child is an avid reader and knows the love of a grandparent. They could surely relate to this story. I can relate, even as an a


Marcos Junior Review: Uma denúncia contundente de Mario Ferreira dos Santos sobre a decadência cultural do ocidente e suas raízes. O diagnóstico feito pelo maior dos filósofos brasileiros em 1967 está ainda mais atual hoje, do que quando foi escrito, tendo em vista que muito do que apenas visualizava como tendência se confirmou na realidade e o resultado é a destruição da cultura a partir de suas elites, uma verdadeira invasão vertical dos bárbaros.


Stacey B Review: Read this book. Then go hug a dog. That's what I did.


Steph Sinclair Review:
A Monster Calls has to be the most inventive book I've read this year. And I find myself struggling to put in words how much this book has touched me. But it did. If you haven't read A Monster Calls, I suggest you immediately purchase it. Don't read the e-book because you would miss out on the amazing artwork. This book is stunning. Masterfully written and beautifully drawn.

I remember the first time a book made me cry like this. I was in eighth grade in my English class, sitting under my desk i


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