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karen Review: here is my page!

isn't is awesome when a power outage eats your book review?? i think so.

let me try this again. i understand greg's difficulties in reviewing this, what with not wanting to give anything away, because this is a book constructed in such a careful way, it could only be spoiled by a careless reviewer.

mfso has threatened to write a "word-limit breaching review" of this, and greg's is pretty long too, once you hack into all his nested spoilers. i am going to try to do this tantalizingl


Wendy Darling Review: Well, this was utterly delightful! Tricky cannibals, a ball of nightmares that follows you around, and many more strange and wonderful inhabitants. This short but rich book is written with masterful style, and manages to make its characters endearing without being maudlin--and without trying too hard for sentimentality and quirkiness. And it's funny! In a very sly, deadpan way, particularly in the first story which cleverly implies the origins of the phrase "an arm and a leg."

I just might have


Bkwmlee Review: 3.5 stars

For me, this book was originally a solid 4 stars – that is, up until the ending (which I’ll get back to later). The opening scene was quite explosive and emotional, hooking me from the start in wanting to find out exactly what happened, why things turned out the way they did, how such a horrific tragedy occurred. We are taken back in time to the very beginning where we are introduced to the Masse family – parents Myriam and Paul who have two adorable kids, toddler Mila and baby Adam – a


Elise (TheBookishActress) Review: These books are written terribly but they've actually got pretty developed characters and they basically made me fall in love with reading in third grade or whatever? so. four stars.

I actually want to talk about why these stupid books made me fall in love with reading, because they truly influenced me so much. I think the best thing about this series is the developed character work. This is a series that has defined characters who you can root for or dislike, which is awesome. I actually think t


Joan Review: I thoroughly enjoyed this police thriller. I can tell Coffin knows police procedure, the politics of police departments, and the character of detectives. The plot, character action and dialog have that sense of authenticity from the very beginning. He starts out the novel with a murder that draws us into the plot right away. And the action continues, practically nonstop. Coffin does a great job with the interactions and dialog among the policemen (and women).

My favorite part of the novel was Byr


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