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1. Title:Komplexe Analysis für Ingenieure

Author: Peter Henrici, Rita Jeltsch (auth.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Birkhäuser Basel





The Book Junkie Reads . . . Review: Greta was a nanny that took her job serious. She loved her friends. She was somewhat satisfied with her life. She was forever the bridesmaid. She was determined to not be pitied. Grand idea, fake dates with men she could never really take seriously. That was until one man had his one agenda underway. I found Greta sweet, loyal, loving, and a bit in self-denial. There were slow changes in Greta, which was needed for me to actually find her worthy of a man to love her. The way she was at the begin


Tracey Review: I was never able to make a dent in the first "Cast" (Chronicles of Elantra) novel; the wild variety of races defeated me, I recall, and I wasn't grabbed thoroughly enough to care enough to try to figure out who was what and what that meant. (Also, the fact that there is an avian race and also a law enforcement group called the Hawks, but the avians (Aerians) aren't necessarily Hawks and the Hawks aren't necessarily Aerians. That took adjustment.

A sort of similar hurdle in this audiobook (audio n


Kathryn at Book Ink Reivews Review: A copy of this review can be found at Book Ink Reviews.

Have you ever read a book that you've enjoyed so thoroughly  that you actually slowed down and read the whole Acknowledgements section desperate for anything more from a talented author? I can count on one had how many times I've done that out of the hundreds of books I've read in recent years. This one, people, is for the records, then. Because it now must be counted among those that I read through to the very acknowledged end.

In a brillian


Laia Pymienta Review: Interesante novela, aunque siento que se ha desaprovechado un tema interesante. He odiado a la protagonista, con la que no he conseguido empatizar, más allá de cogerle una intensa manía, por su tendencia a engrandecer su persona, hueca y superficial. Con el único mérito de explotar su femineidad, más que de la inteligencia que se le presupone, para estar al lado de quien le convenía en cada momento, siendo su persona el primer y último objetivo que la mueve, todo lo demás es secundario... Respec


Shelley Rimmer Review: I didn't think it could any better than "Rachel's Blessing" and then I read "Deborah's Choice". It was great to still have the characters from "Rachel's Blessing" appear in "Deborah's Choice" so I did not have to say goodbye to them. "Deborah's Choice" is so beautifully and cleverly written. It is witty but has very intense moments. I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to read "Tanya's Hope"!!


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