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1. Title:Condensed Encyclopedia of Polymer Engineering Terms

Author: Nicholas P Cheremisinoff (Auth.)

FileType: pdf






Jill Review:
"The truth is I've no idea what on earth I could possibly do with my particular talent."

Mrs Jebediah leaned forward. "And what is your particular talent?" [..]

"Discernment, I suppose." Charlotte took a deep breath. "I can tell more about you, for instance, than you would want me to know."

Things we know about Sherlock Holmes....

a) His name is really Miss Charlotte Holmes
b) She really loves to eat....
c) She's twenty-five, the youngest of four sisters
d) ....plum cake being her favourite....
e) She h


Jessica Rodrigues Review: Imagine you are standing with your face up and your mouth wide open underneath a waterfall of Skittles.

At first, a few Skittles get into your mouth and you can taste them. Awesome, you think. I love Skittles.

Then, the Skittles become overwhelming, as more and more try to force themselves in, and millions and millions puddle around your feet, piling up past your knees.

That's kind of how this was.

I'm all about learning new things, but there were SO MANY FACTS IN SUCH A SMALL SPAN. By the time I h


Andrew Childers Review: Short, simple (ha ha), and easy to read. I don't preach really, but it did seem to have good practical advice. If I taught, I would heed this advice.


Erin Review: Knock est une pièce unanimiste. Le docteur Knock vient à Saint-Maurice pour appliquer sa méthode au sujet de l’expérience médicale. Trois mois plus tard c’est une expérience très réussie. Il a une théorie que la santé est une « vieille notion qui ne tient plus devant les données de la science actuelle » et il utilise sa théorie pour construire une armée et contrôler la population du canton.

Le docteur Knock est un type de dictateur. Tout en contrôlant toute la population, Knock dit « qu’il faut


Leonor Review: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Don't read if you don't want spoilers!!!

4 stars because of Nikhil, Mac annoyed the shit out of me. I didn't like the fact that they can have kids with someone that they're not their true mates. I just hope the author doesn't go through that route about having a love triangles in the MCs. There were some secondary characters that they had ashes and didn't find their true mates but what if they ever did find them that would cause a problem at least that's my POV


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