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Author: I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

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Joanne Robertson Review: I loved Rattle, the debut novel by Fiona Cummins and the first to feature The Bone Collector so was thrilled to see that her second book was a continuation of his reign of terror. Yes, he is back and this time he’s scarier than ever as he looks to further add to his collection. If you thought Rattle was dark and disturbing then you are going to be chewing your nails to the quick with this one! I honestly felt as though my skin was alive with a thousand creepy crawlies whilst reading it and I was


Peter Damien Review: Just finished, and it was so amazing. Gorgeous, lyrical writing, a warm and clever story, a fairy tale quality. Reminded me of STARDUST by Neil Gaiman, more than anything else. Really recommended.


karen Review: it's all about perspective.

yeah, ivan denisovich shukov is in a soviet labor camp, where he is freezing and has to work at bullshit tasks and is being punished for something he didn't even get to do (because being a spy is cool, while being punished for being a spy when you didn't even get to have the fun of being a spy is lame), and it's all terrible with no end in sight, but come on.

he got to sleep late. his punishment for oversleeping is he had to wash some floors - indoors - instead of work


Blak Rayne Review: Koicha No Osahou or Tea For Two by author Yaya Sakuragi doesn't have those flawlessly drawn characters that I've become accustomed to with other yaoi manga artists like Youka Nitta and Kazuma Kodaka. The front covers are great, but inside the black and white drawings lack. The art appears proportionally rough-around-the-edges. However, as the series continued, I found the art blossomed, as did the story. Yaya Sakuragi created a pair of loveable characters and, with the addition of a straightforw


SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ Review:
★★★★! The Price Of A Kiss (stand-alone). A feel-good story about a misunderstood outsider and the friendship he forms with the new corky girl at campus, who has a dark past!

“God, he looked good. Up close, from a distance, it didn’t matter. The boy didn’t have a bad side.”

The Price Of A Kiss opens up with Reese Randall starting over, having moved cross-country to live with her cousin attending her first year of college. Mason Lowe with his uncanny good looks and splendid physique is the ho


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