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1. Title:Atomic, molecular & optical physics handbook

Author: Drake G.W. (ed.)

FileType: djvu

Publisher:AIP Press





Lynn Review: Predictable storyline. Apparently, it is no longer enough to marry a millionaire, all the cool girls are after the billionaires. Still, it was a pleasant diversion for a quiet day.


Alia Review: Another great read!

Debra Dunbar has done it again with this seasonal short story. A wonderful read that while short and sweet really gets you thinking. I love the dialogue but there was one line in particular that I loved “Brave is knowing when shit is really, really fucking scary. It’s knowing when to lie, when to run away, when to kick someone in the nuts. It’s surviving, because sometimes that’s all you can do.” So go enjoy this holiday para-normal romance.


Larry H Review: I'd rate this 4.5 stars.

If you could know the exact day of your death, would you want to find out? If you did find out, how would knowing that information affect how you lived your life? These questions are at the heart of The Immortalists , Chloe Benjamin's deeply affecting and beautifully written new book.

In 1969, growing up on New York's Lower East Side, the Gold siblings learn that there is a traveling fortune teller in their neighborhood who can tell anyone the day they will die. While not


Lisa Review: I was very lucky to win a copy of this book through a Goodreads giveaway. Thank you Goodreads! I absolutely loved it.
What should have been the best day of Margaret’s life turned into the worst day of her life. The story is like the reader is having a conversation with Margaret. She becomes a friend who you really want to have a happy ending. I could not put the book down and at the same time I didn’t want it to end. I really enjoyed Margaret’s perspective throughout the story. This book really


Vane J. Review: Edit (February 23, 2016):

Okay, I'm DONE with this review. I'm disabling the notifications, so if someone comments in it, I'm not gonna now. The level of trolls it has gotten has reached levels I cannot stand anymore. Of course, there are reviews with more trolls, but this is as much as I can endure.

And for you, ignorants who can't accept other people's opinions (better known as "trolls"), why don't you go read one of the many thousands of 5 star reviews instead of coming to criticize an opinion


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