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Priscilla Hedlin Review: Britney has a way with words. She reels you in from the start, she builds the story. Sometimes you have a favorite character. Sometimes you don’t. The best part?! Just when you think everything is over and you figured it all out, she throws a curve ball. I absolutely loved this story but I really hated each character. I think because they were so real. People we all know. It’s scary when a book hits close to home.


Emily May Review: “Where do we find allies?”
Father Yarvi smiled. “Among our enemies, where else?”

This series is really good.

It was by accident that I stumbled across Half a King last year and decided to take my chances on it. I’m not a huge fan of traditional fantasy because it tends to be wordy, 1000-pages long and dense so I approach the genre with some hesitation... but it was so easy to read, fast-paced and entertaining. A little dark - just the right amount, in fact - but a whole lot of fun too.

And this se


Susan Review: This debut novel is the first featuring D.I. Adam Fawley and is set in Oxford. The story begins when an eight year old girl, Daisy Mason, is reported missing after a family party. From the first we are aware that Fawley has lost a child himself, although the details only become apparent as we read on, so the case is very emotional for him. However, the reactions of the parents are not what either Fawley, or his team, expect. Father Barry Mason is upset, but acting suspiciously, mother Sharon is


Mehrsa Review: Classic Chernow—it’s beautiful and complex and makes dull things riveting. I feel like I understand the man and the time better, but it’s also classic Chernow in that he glosses over some really crucial economic issues. How can you write about Hamilton without going into the logic of banking and how central that was? Here too, he glosses over the gold standard debate, which was one of the most central
Issues of the time—almost every election after Grant hinged on it until the depression. Grant wa


Paige Review: 4 "Destiny" Stars

Fractured Love was an emotinal second chance love story about destiny, finding your way and all the things that make up a love story. Landon and Evie's story started out as foster siblings who became best friends and then so much more. But when their secret was discovered, their relationship was ruined. Ten years later, desiny seemed to smile on the lovers as they're brought back together. Yet a lot can happen in 10 years and time became an enemy. As they once again build a life


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