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1. Title:Вопросы эксплуатационной живучести авиаконструкций

Author: Арепьев А.Н., Громов М.С., Шапкин В.С.

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Воздуш. трансп.




Elizabeth Horan Review: This addictive volume is full of great advice for biographers and includes many fine insights into the literary life of Chicago and New York City from the 1930s to the 1980s, although the hilarious, revealing, witty and wise notes and personal reflections are totally up to the minute. I literally could not put this book aside! With every chapter I wanted to know more about the author - tremendously well-read, a first-rate interviewer and immersed in the world of books and publishing - and what h


Melissa Review: Turns out, it might be harder to write a second novel than a debut. I’ve actually heard, quite a few times now, that second books can be a beast. Clare Mackintosh even takes the time to mention that in the acknowledgements of this book. I imagine it's even more so coming off of a debut as heart-pounding and impressive as I Let You Go. Naturally, that’s where my thoughts went—would Ms. Mackintosh be able to emulate the shock value and sheer brilliance of that masterpiece?

For me, I LET YOU GO was


Flavia Review: Considering how few children’s books out there feature POC on the cover, that was the initial thing that drew me to this book. The next thing, was the title and how it very much ties into my goal when it comes to teaching my future children about equality for all, as well as feminism (which I suppose can also be categorized under “equality for all”…although I meant that one more for equality for all races? I’m not sure if there is specific terminology that I should be using, but if you know, ple


John Review: “You could, if you were perverse, argue that you’ll never hear England by listening to English pop music. The Beatles and the Stones were, in their formative years, American cover bands that sang with American accents; the Sex Pistols were The Stooges with bad teeth and a canny manager, and Bowie was an art-school version of Jackson Browne until he saw the New York Dolls.”
So begins Nick Hornby’s chapter on why England’s national anthem should change (shouldn’t they all?) from “God Save the Quee


Elsa Bravante Review: Cuando me metí en esto sabía lo que podía esperar. Y la verdad, durante la primera parte del libro disfruté, me gustaban los protagonistas, es dulce, que es lo que me apetecía y aunque lleno de clichés, me estaba resultando muy muy entretenido. Sin embargo, ya en la segunda parte empecé a estar molesta con conversaciones que se repetían, expresiones (debe haber 300.000 "like"), la historia se alargaba y alargaba y ya no estaba tan entretenida, que básicamente era el máximo valor que en mi opinió


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