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1. Title:Литературное наследство. Том 69-2. Лев Толстой. Кн. 2

Author: Ред.: И.И. Анисимов (гл. ред.), Д.Д. Благой, А.С. Бушмин, В.В. Виноградов, А.Н. Дубовиков, И.С. Зильберштейн, С.А. Макашин, К.Д. Муратова, Ю.Г. Оксман, Р.М. Самарин, Л.И. Тимофеев, М.Б. Храпченко, В.Р. Щербина, Я.Е. Эльсберг

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Publisher:Изд-во АН СССР




Alexandra Review: Depressing from start to finish. Most every single character was a hot mess. I have literally no idea why there are so many 5 star ratings. It kind of scares me. If this kind of garbage is what the masses find appealing...I mean..

I didn't care at all about the "mystery." It didn't even feel like there was one. It just felt like a tedious glimpse into the messed up lives of people I'd rather not know anything about.


David B Review: After renouncing his claim to the love of Jane Porter at the end of the previous novel, Tarzan has an eventful career as a French secret agent among the Arabs, the chief of an African tribe, and the captive of sun-worshipping subhumans, all culminating in a suspenseful reunion with his true love.

All of the pros and cons that can be cited for any Edgar Rice Burroughs story can be cited for this one as well. There is a continual and often ridiculous reliance on coincidence to move the action forwa


Space Cowgirl Review: Alpha


Jessica (priceiswong) Review: *I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

What a beautiful book. . Definitely one of the best contemporary books I've read this year. Sam's story was so moving and my heart was honestly pounding towards the end. This book touches on some really serious topics like depression, anxiety, and mental disorders, but I thought that Tamara Ireland Stone did it beautifully. One of my favorite parts (which was a huge part) was the poetry in this book. This is the type of bo


DeAnn Kaduce Review: If you've been searching for deep, a deep spiritual study, this is the book for you. Beth Moore leads readers to discover so many truths and insights into the mind of God as she chronicles and describes how God has remained true to His vision for mankind. This study connects the tabernacle, God's tent of meeting, with other historical references that show how God's plan for man has remained the same across time and space; and how Jesus became the essence of God's real tabernacle while He was her


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