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1. Title:Махно и его крах

Author: В.Н. Волковинский

FileType: pdf





Anina Review: I read this at least once a year. So good.


Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows) Review: My first love in books is horror followed closely by psychological thrillers. When I read nonfiction/memoirs, I typically stay somewhat within the same genre - true crime, etc. As a half South Korean woman, I also typically avoid reading anything regarding North Korea. I always assumed that these types of books would be the only ones that would get me "triggered"... and by that I mean PISSED OFF! However, when Ashley at Amazon Publishing gave me this book, I couldn't NOT read it.. and I'm SO hap


Mike Review: Utterly believable scenario that rolls out an exciting and chilling chain of events that captivate and leave you questioning just when this may happen (or rather is it happening NOW?)
This is one of those books you just can't seem to put down.

A must read in my book!
Cannot wait for the next book.

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Frugal Girl Review: Deep down, at the root of it all, we seek love and acceptance. We each yearn to find someone who understands us, who admires us, and ultimately who yearns to be with us. We want passion and excitement. We want to feel butterflies in our stomach when we think about the one we love and we want them to feel the same desire for us.

So what if you've been married for over a decade and don't feel that burning sensation for your spouse? There can certainly be love without passion. There can also be pass


softlykaz Review:
i just binge-read five volumes of this comic and came to a very important conclusion:

happy? read Saga. sad? read Saga. sick? read Saga. bored? read Saga. broke? read Saga. sleepy? read Saga. missed your bus? read Saga. have homework to do? read Saga.

dying from a festering wound? you guessed it....READ SAGA.

reading Saga will solve 100% of all your problems. trust me, i am a medical doctor.


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