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Dianna Review: This is the cutest thing ever!


Priya Review: I bought the Kindle version recently (it's on sale till end of Nov) and I had to stop reading after 5% because of the typographical errors and grammatical lapses. It was pathetic. I tried ignoring them for a bit but it just got too much after a point.

If I come across the paper book and if it's printed fine, maybe I'll pick this up again.


Hussain Hamadi Review: رواية هيا نشر شاعرا
المؤلف : أفونشوكروش برتغالي الجنسية
نوع الكتاب : قصة قصيرة
عدد صفحات الكتاب: 82 صفحة

ملخص القصة:
تتحدث الرواية عن طفلة في عمر 12 سنة لديها اب يعمل بالتجارة وأم ربة منزل وشقيق يحمل مقدارا كبيرا من السخافة. تقرر الطفلة ان تشتري شاعرا بدل من شراء اي حيوان اليف وذلك لتحتفظ به وتطلب من والدها ذلك فيلبي لها طلبها.

تمضى احداث عديدة لهم تؤدي الى ان يتخلّوا عن الشاعر ومن ثم يترك الأب المنزل بعد أزمة اقتصادية وخلاف مع زوجته ليحقق بعد ذلك نجاحا باهرا في تجارته

فكرة القصة :
في مجتمع يهتم


softlykaz Review:
I'm a big fan of Batman but the real mvp here is Alfred: part time butler, full time surrogate father/emergency medic/best friend and you're telling me he's not even mentioned in the synopsis?? what kind of disrespect...

(tbh I just want the scene where batman puts on the bat suit for the first time and Alfred goes “honestly? what the fuck master Bruce” to be canon bc Y’ALL KNOW HE DID THAT)


Meredith Review: I have this terrible, dreary feeling in my diaphragm area this morning, and I’m not positive what it’s about, but I blame some of it on this book, which I am not going to finish. I have a friend who is mad at me right now for liking stupid stuff, but the thing is that I do like stupid stuff sometimes, and I think it would be really boring to only like smart things. What I don’t like is when smart (or even middle-brained) writers take an important topic and make it petty through guessing about wh


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