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1. Title:Арифметика. Алгоритмы. Сложность вычислений

Author: Гашков С.Б., Чубариков В.Н.

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Высшая школа




Debbie Review: Not often inclined to rave, but this one has me there. A wonderful little story for the Season.


Vicki Keire Review: Amazing. This was one of those stumbled- upon gems of a book. It's even hard for me to pinpoint exactly why I love it so much because so much of this book is very standard fare these days: paranormal girl meets boy with a wonderful family who saves her romance type stuff. . It just has that extra kick that makes you fall in love with a book. Loved Sky- vulnerable, tough, sweet. I want the Benedicts to adopt me. Please please! I loved the way Stirling gave Sky a difficult past without making her


Adam Gutschenritter Review: Bent the Wing, Dark the Cloud from the world of Updraft is one of the best world building stories I have read in a long time. I love that universe and in this short story I found myself loving and rooting for the characters as well.


Maria Review: Sam is a handsome pilot who has dedicated too much of his time defending his country. For this reason his commander forces him to go on vacation and relax. So after attending his brother’s wedding in Ireland, he chooses his destination and lands in Santorini. In such a beautiful place, he meets Kinsey, under an unusual circumstance that is he saves her after a failed attempt of kidnapping. It will initially all seem so confusing but after a series of events and twists, they will both realize tha


Amy Brown Review: Castelli's analysis of the cultural and theological making of the memory of martyrdom is an example of careful scholarship that expands into a surprisingly relevant consideration of the contemporary American Protestant Evangelical discourse on martyrdom. The construction of a system of meaning around martyrdom in early Christianity will insert itself into the daily lives of Christians who lauded the stories and carried around the ampullae that likely had Daniel and Thecla portrayed as being thro


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