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Grace Mullins Review: Elizabeth Camden has a second book releasing in 2017? Um, YES! YES, YES, YES! *wants book now* *right now*


Katy Review: The Gone World is a unique blend of science fiction and crime thriller unlike anything I've ever read. I loved this book. It was complicated, mind-blowing, fascinating and just so damn fun. Not to mention a little scary, but in the best way. This book is heavy on the science and physics but that was one of the reasons I loved it.

I have no idea how to explain this plot. I'm not going to lie, it is super confusing. At least, the more you try to explain it, it is. I'll give it a go.

Shannon Moss


Greg Review: Weird. Apparently, I had read this about 10 years ago, but I don't remember reading it at all.

I liked it more then they I did now, too.

This is the eight-issue Kevin Smith written run of Daredevil. While I was reading it I was enjoying it, but then thinking about it more afterward I didn't like it as much. Read the spoiler if you'd like to know why.

(view spoiler)[In the big boss battle / climax towards the end of the run the villain gives his grand explanation of how and why he destroyed Matt M


Michael Review: This is a masterful literary achievement and a great lens on contemporary American culture from the perspective of an unusual immigrant family. The Goldens—an old man named Nero and his three adult sons-- arrive in Manhattan around 2008 and take up residence in a mansion that shares a common garden park with a small neighborhood of wealthy residents. Our narrator, who calls himself Rene, is an aspiring film maker in his twenties who is still living with his parents in the same neighborhood and w


Nicole Guerrero Review: I am totally in love with Caleb and Zoe. Caleb is such a sweetheart, always there for everyone when they need him. We met them both in LGT and they were awesome and they brought that awesome with them right into this book. Zoe is the coolest and funniest. I totally want her as my bestie. They are playful, funny and so patient with one another. They are sooooo perfect together. Teagan did an amazing job writing Caleb and Zoe. There personalities, their development, the writing was just simply fan


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