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1. Title:A Language Older Than Words

Author: Derrick Jensen

FileType: epub

Publisher:Chelsea Green




Stephanie *Very Stable Genius* Review: **Knock knock** Uh… hello? Mr. *president? I’m sorry to just walk in to the oval office, but no one was at the desk and the door was wide open. Should that be?

Trump: “Yeah, I have trouble finding people willing to work for me, so I just leave the door open and let people wander in. Who are you? I hope you’re not from CNN.”

“No sir. My name is Michael Wolff, I’m an author and I want to write a book about you, your administration, and your first year in office….hey, have you lost weight? You look a


DD Review: Gabby enjoyed it.


Skyeler Review: This was so much fun, I'm so glad I decided to pick it up! I love this world SO much. This novella definitely added some more dimensions to it, and I'm so happy about that! This was great!

Do I think this is a necessary read for the series? At this point, no. I think it's a fun added bonus if you're someone who's really invested into this series and these characters, but there isn't any huge chunk of information or giant twist you HAVE to know to read these books. (As of now, it could change when


Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin Review: Yay for my book winning 2017 GR award


Melanie Review: I always thought, or imagined, that there were these invisible lines trembling in our wake, outlining our trajectories through life, throbbing with electric energy. Lines that sometimes cross one other, or follow in parallel ellipses without ever touching, or meet up for one brief moment and then part. A universe of lines crisscrossing in the void.

Anthony Doerr's astonishing new novel "All The Light We Cannot See" follows the complex arcs of two such invisible lines through the lives of Werner P


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