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1. A life on paper : the drawings and lithographs of John Thomas Biggers Biggers, John Thomas; Theisen, Ollie Jensen; Biggers, John Thomas pdf University of North Texas Press 261500074 English 2006 [Download]


Julie Barrett Review: Peach cobbler murder by Joanne Fluke
Have enjoyed this series and each book can be read by itself.
So funny how she has two guys that want to marry her and she won't give in.
A new bakery in town til the owner is found dead. Now everybody suspects Hannah...Hannah investigates and asks others and that leads to clues
and she's busy with Lisa's wedding plans. So much action and recipes along the way.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).


Delee Review: I was a bit of a wimp before I entered my teen years...so I stayed away from anything vampire. My first vampire experience was Love at First Bite, and not knowing it was a comedy (yes, it was before you could Google) I put on a brave face for the friend that invited me- and entered the movie theater terrified by what I would see. Luckily the evenly tanned George Hamilton awaited me...along with some mighty impressive disco dancing. The scary blood suckers would have to wait to frighten me.



Bridgett Review: I love Joseph Campbell and I learned more about Eastern religion and philosophy by reading this book.


Debbie Review: 2 stars--blame it on the ghosts

It was the ghosts, folks. It was the ghosts that made me do it. They made me change my mind and go with 2 stars instead of my original 3. It’s just that they were such a big part of this book. If they had been smaller and kept their mouths shut, I would be handing you 3 stars. I wanted to be closer in stars to my gushing friends, but that just didn’t happen. I didn’t like this book, period. And of course, I have a Complaint Board to prove it.

I did like a few thing


Megan Review: "I can help. We're the smart girls. Let's solve some crime!"

This is not a book that can be appreciated if randomly picked off a shelf. The joy in reading it comes from knowing the series' characters, knowing the tropes, and watching them intersect, interact, and sometimes implode. This is a payoff book, not a setup book.

The tensest scene is not Eve facing off against the prime suspect, but instead, an emotionally and physically intense deception pulled off by the victim's boyfriend (recurring ch


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