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1. Title:Applied Mathematics Body and Soul, Volume 3: Calculus in Several Dimensions

Author: Kenneth Eriksson, Donald Estep, Claes Johnson

FileType: pdf






Dahlia Review: Oh man I really liked this. Veronica Mars-esque noir-y stuff is completely my jam. I didn't really buy the actual story behind the way things went down, but apparently my tear ducts did not care because I totally lost it at the end.


Glenn Review: Awesome ending?

Not a book easily put down. Wanted to finish it, could not wait to see what was going to happen next


Silvanna Review: What to say about this disappointing book.... compared to its Scandinavian counterparts Long Lost is about as tense and taut as an old bag of jello.
The characters are one dimensional. The plot is fantastical and ends predictably. The pacing is poor. And what's become of Myron Bolivar? When did he become this smart ass, high school jock with the emotional range of a wet fish? That said, I liked Win. Win rocks!


Mike Review: A very nice idea (with some top scholars) but unfortunately, not executed as well as I had hoped and expected.

Evans, Wilkins, Bock and Kostenberger all do a good job handling the text but I find at time they don't tackle certain passages as thoroughly as one would hope.

It is a commentary on selected verse, not every verse which is understandable as it is an apologetic commentary.

Theologically it is solid, but again, I feel it lacks in not going as in depth on certain passages.

Definitely has so


Lory Review: Enjoyable Read

I found this series to be really interesting I love the concept however I did find Joyce's bitchiness to be annoying don't get me wrong I'm all for a sassy heroine who stands up for herself and doesn't take crap from anyone but I feel that she took a little bit overboard. I understand that Kede is your typical alpha male and the whole different species thing didn't help so much plus that he was clueless as well to her Terrans way he saw Joyce and it was love at first sight for him


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