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1. Title:Thermophysical properties of chemicals and hydrocarbons

Author: Carl L Yaws

FileType: rar

Publisher:Elsevier Science, Gulf Professional Publishing




Nostalgia Reader Review: 3.5 stars.

A pretty semi-biography of Frida Kahlo, specifically focusing on her pets and other animal friends and how they inspired much of her work. The paintings throughout are very lovely, and I loved the use of bold colors that conveys some of Kahlo’s color choices.

The actual biography of Kahlo herself was a bit weak, as there were many specific facts left out in the story; however, there is a brief page at the end of the book that does provide some more facts about her life, but still not in


Ash Wednesday Review: The cover and title typography says “I’m smart and edgy! See that reverse ‘R’? It probably means something related to why the blonde chick wants you to keep quiet. Don’t you want to know why?” And you know I’m all over the smart and edgy with the hint of smart, edgy mindfuck.

The blurb says “An addictively suspenseful and tautly written thriller” among other things and who cares if my computer is telling me ‘addictively’ isn’t a word? Fuck you, New Oxford American Dictionary! A rich, pretty girl


Leanne ~ Tales From The Heart Review: I finished this book two hours ago and my heart is still hammering.
Who is the wolf? Can it be who they think it is? I'm suspecting a red herring here.
Morgan is the 13th woman in the wolf's game, no one has yet survived. The mystery is yet to be solved and I'm anxious for the next two books in this series.


Lisa Marie / Words We Love By Review: 3.5*
On the Edge of Regret is about Brix Kelley who returns to her small town start after having leaving abruptly 7 years earlier at age 15. She never said goodbye to her friends or especially Nash Cooper, her boyfriend. She is back in town for the funeral of their shared friend, Trey. Some are happy to see her, some are not.

My first Kate Squires read was When Love Breaks and it's second part, When Love Walks. Both are exceptional reads, with in-depth character development and a gripping storylin


حماس Review: تحديث:

لا أفهمُ لمذا تمنع الرواية؟!
الصراع السنّي الشيعي يدور من حولنا على قدم وساق
تناول الريموت وقلّب قنوات التتلفاز لتراه
تصفح النت فتجذبك عنوانين من نوعية
(شاهد قبل الحذف ، فضيحة السنيين الكبرى ، الشيعة الخونة)

فلماذا تمنع إذن؟؟

لقد أخطأتُ حين اعتقدتُ أن البطل الذى لم يذكر اسمه مرة واحدة طوال الرواية
هو أنا وأنت،،
فلو كان البطل هو أنا وأنت فمن منا صالح إذن؟؟ ومن منا عباس؟؟
الحقيقة اننا جميعًا صالح وعباس فى عباءات مختلفة
وما البطل إلا صوت ضمير نائم فى صدورنا .

سؤال: ماذا تورث النار؟؟


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