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1. Title:Advances in Environmental Control Technology: Health and Toxicology. Advances in Environmental Control Technology Series

Author: Paul N. Cheremisinoff and Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff (Eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Gulf Professional Publishing





Michael Review: For me this was a treat to experience a photographer I admire looking back at her life to try to identify the influences on her identity and craft in the rural geography and community of her home in Lexington, Virginia, and the diverse threads of heritage from various branches of her family. Her narration of her account in the audiobook version made this experience personal and more powerful. This version and the ebook one comes with a pdf file of several hundred images to illustrate her story,


Paul Review: What a fun book. I loved that Jack Sparks was such a jerk (and a believable one at that) and a cleverly rendered unreliable narrator. Very good mix of fun and creeps (and, um, I have to admit to being totally spooked one night, when I spent five minutes standing in my bedroom doorway because I thought I heard something downstairs....yeah).

Anyway, great possession fun!


Fran Review: "The Chilbury Ladies' Choir" is an epistolary novel providing a snapshot of the experiences of a group of mostly women during World War II over the time period from March-September 1940. Able bodied men have joined the war effort and the Vicar has decided to disband the choir saying that only a mixed chorus will do! Enter Primrose Trent, music professor. Prim restructures the choral music for women's voices only, the Vicar concedes defeat, and The Chilbury Ladies' Choir is born. Music is the sal


Zanna Review: Annie John is as succinct as a poem, saying only what is both necessary and beautiful, yet it has a dreamy atmosphere, the rhythm of a slow swimmer. The opening chapter introduces the lyrical imagistic style and tightly focused first person viewpoint with a meditation on death, which appears as tiny 'figures in the distance' and gradually stalks nearer, stripping illusions of safety and stability.

I related to the early parts of the novel which describe, very beautifully, the love and closeness b


Nickyty Review: (Reposting an old review)

A few pages into book brought me to the observation. It’s not the typical Nick Hornby piece. Don’t expect to find yourself in the psyche of some middle-aged guy coming to terms with his personal foibles and neuroses. The book is a collection of essays on selected songs that Hornby relates to certain moments in his life – his personal soundtrack so to speak.

Granted, the topic is boring or, at the very least, uninspiring. His song selection is quite esoteric. Only two of


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