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1. Title:Canaletto

Author: Editorial Códex

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Editorial Codex




Arielle Masters Review: Will say up front that I didn't realize this was a followon to a previous novel. I have not read anything else by this author AFAIK.

This book had interesting ideas and a premise that drew me in - fantastic carpentry with hidden compartments! An amazingly engineered watch! Lots of old books! - but I found it to be ludicrous and pretentious in its execution. It started out well - I love books and libraries - but quickly turned into a farce. A contemporary urban fantasy for men with obsessive-compu


gina picard Review: Another amazing read by cj bishop

C J you have done it again. Pulling us into the story,it's like we are there with your characters and feel their emotions as they go through them. Thank you so much for this wonderful family.


Miriam Review: A smart teen, newly diagnosed with schizophrenia, goes on a quest across frozen Lake Eerie to find the reclusive Bill Watterson, accompanied by his probably-imaginary tiger and possibly-imaginary former best friend.

This is a fast read, almost entirely in dialog. It is entirely different in tone and content from the previous Leavitt I had read, Keturah and Lord Death. I am glad I picked this up despite not enjoying my first experience with Leavitt and will be open to reading more of her books.


Lori Review: I was a goodreads giveaway winner of this book I got it on my kindle. This is a historical fiction. It is mainly seen through the eyes of Arthur and Dora. and a couple chapters with Pippa. The three character first meet as children in 1940. They lived in England and Wales. Their parents have sent them away to be shipped to Canada to get them away from World War II. The ship is wrecked and the children are put in small boats. Arthur,Dora, and Pippa are put on the same boat. they are at sea for ei


Mandy J. Hoffman Review: MY REVIEW

Never did I think I would say "You HAVE to read this!" about a fictional book...but neither had I read Safely Home. This book is about two men who were roommates and friends in college but now are two worlds apart and haven't been in-touch for twenty years. When their paths finally cross once again they realize that they are two worlds apart spiritually speaking. As the story unfolds you find your self face-to-face with the persecuted church of China and the amazing love of a Savior and


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