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Author: Robert J. Daverman (Eds.)

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Publisher:Academic Press, Elsevier





Heather Emery Review: Such a great book. I loved the characters, secondary characters and the plot. They all meshed together so well I couldn't put the book down. Veronica (the main female lead) really made this book. I can't wait to learn more about her 2 friends, they were funny as all hell.


Mike Review: Joseph Campbell writes, “That’s the whole sense of mythology, to help you to harmonize your individual life with the general life, the life of the society and of the universe.” Which is why I read Joseph Campbell.


Chris Review: Weezie is something of a geration-X Holly Golightly, without the tragedy; she's everything a mixed up, affected, over-the-top poetry-and-creative-writing highschool student from the late 90s who was raised on too much Molly Ringwald and Duckie wanted to be. The story is breezy and fun, with Weezie, Dirk, and Secret Angent Lover Man tripping lightly from one adventure to the next, learning to live, love, and make successful underground movies in a Hollywood that actually has all the glitz and gla


Shelby *trains flying monkeys* Review: Marcy is working at a temp job on the day she turns 30. In Texas, away from her family..the girl is lonely. But then you realize....she is having a dang affair with one of her bosses.

She knows this affair is going to end with one of them getting hurt. She just has in her head some kind of warped logic that everything will be okay. Yeah, right. Doug is one of the partners in the firm where she is working to beat all. She lives basically pay check to pay check..so money isn't even a plus in this


Stamatios Review: If you are not familiar with the character of Johannes Cabal and the previous works by Jonathan L. Howard, then you will probably enjoy this book more than I did. Howard's main weakness is pace, and although this third book in the Johannes Cabal series is not as bad as the first one in that respect, there's clearly a problem with the way the story unfolds. The introduction is excellent and builds up momentum, only to lose it when the adventurers enter the Dreamlands. Nothing exciting happens for


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