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1. Title:Integral/Structural Polymer Foams: Technology, Properties and Applications

Author: Professor Dr. Fjodor A. Shutov (auth.), G. Henrici-Olivé, S. Olivé (eds.)

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg





Audrey Review: This book MUST be sung. My class of two year olds love this book and want to "read" it over and over. Good for pointing out and talking about all of the Arctic animals pictured.


Caz Review: I've given this an A- at AAR, which is 4.5 stars rounded up.

I admit that when I heard that Sherry Thomas, one of my favourite and without doubt one of the finest authors of Historical Romance currently writing was going to be shifting genres and embarking on a series of Historical Mysteries, my first thought was to go and curl up in the corner with a box of Kleenex. That was a fairly fleeting thought, however, as I know I’d probably read Ms. Thomas’ shopping lists; and given that I adored her YA


Michael Flick Review: Some believe that this is “The Great Gay Novel.” That couldn’t be more wrong. There are only two recognizable gay men in this work, JB and Caleb. A creative queen and a violent, probably psychopathic, sadist. All the other “possibilities” are pedophiles (categorically not gay—that’s a sickness, an evil, that has nothing to do with being gay) or so hopelessly confused (and impotent) that you can’t know what they are (JB and Willem). The take on gay men here is antediluvian—a dangerous and discred


Kaela Ewing Review: Alan Woo's "Maggie's Chopsticks" is a fun and beautiful story centered around the art of using chopsticks. Woo using many similies to emphasize the art and give it true magnificence. Maggie, a young girl, struggles using her chopsticks at the dinner table. Her family members are masters of the art, so this makes Maggie self-conscious. She feels somewhat of a disappointment. Her family members tease her lack of proficiency with chopstick using. Her other family members make it look so easy, natur


Wendy Darling Review: 4.5 stars Absolutely spectacular, and everything you'd expect a historical YA novel about assassin nuns to be. Love love love!


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