«Миновала уже зима языческого безумия...»: Церковь и церкви Херсона в IV веке по данным литературных источников и эпиграфики.pdf


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1. Title:«Миновала уже зима языческого безумия...»: Церковь и церкви Херсона в IV веке по данным литературных источников и эпиграфики

Author: Виноградов А.Ю.

FileType: pdf

Publisher:Русский Фонд Содействия Образованию и Науке




Courtney Review: Magical, funny, and sexy

This book was a delight from start to finish. It made me giggle many times, in true Lucy Lennox fashion, but also had many swoon-worthy moments. Who hasn’t dreamed of a prince sweeping them off their feet? Felix and Lio were so sweet together, and the way they handled the obstacles against them was just perfect. As always, the secondary characters were vivid and added a lot to the story. And can I mention the stunning cover? Can’t WAIT to get this one in paperback. Five s


Rachel Review: This is an anthology of four previously published books and a newly published novella length romance. I found RR Banks several months ago and Her Hunk, one of the books in this anthology, was the first book of his I read, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything from that book forward. So you know I’m biased towards his work, which is why it’s a bit painful to leave a negative review.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t mind a romance novel with detailed descriptions of the hero’s and/or heroine’s rando


Raman Review: This book was a mess, in my opinion. The writing was sloppy, there was barely any plot, and the characters were all flat.

Iona, the female lead, literally says anything and everything she thinks! She has no inner thoughts, no personality of her own. She seems to exist solely to provide exposition and is not very good at that either. The male lead is... who knows? He has no characters traits other than he seems to be the silent brooding type, but even that is never really shown or understood. He h


Liz Review: This is soap opera light literature. It’s fun and easy, a beach read. However, someone picked this for our book club, and I’m wondering what the hell there is to discuss.

While Nick is an only child, this book encompasses his extended family. Keeping track of all the names and relationships can be a bit of a challenge. I almost wanted a scorecard. Nick works as a history professor in the States. Most of his family either doesn’t work or “works” for the family business and one of the interesting


Jennifer Kyle Review: 3.75 Stars

I have been super excited to get my hands on this book and to my surprise it wasn’t what I have envisioned when you talk about Friday night field parties with hot high school football players falling in love. This story had an overall very somber vibe as both the hero and the heroine face loss within their families. West clings to his best friend’s cousin, Maggie the girl who doesn’t talk since the loss of her parents as he faces the impendent death of his hero, his father.

West was th


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