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1. Title:Линкоры Второй мировой. Ударная сила флота


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Publisher:Коллекция, Яуза, ЭКСМО





April Symes Review:
This is a story that is an emotional powerhouse. It is deep and poignant, full of emotions, FEELS that will grab you and not let go until literally the very last word. I loved the journey that Walt, Samantha, the girls and their group of friends go on as they all work thru the grief that happened when they lost some dear people in their lives. Out of that grief comes a new situation that they find themselves in and how Walt and the girls handle it, with Samantha is explored is the basis of this


David Review: The beautiful question is, whether the laws of physics are based on beauty; are they simple, symmetric, proportioned and economical. Wilczek is a Nobel-Prize winner in physics. Regardless of whether physics is based on beauty, Wilczek has written a beautiful book. His style of writing is excellent, and the book is graced with plenty of engrossing diagrams and color illustrations.

The earliest astronomers tried to make the orbits of the planets simpler than they actually are. They tried to make th


Paula Sealey Review: This is what I would call an old fashioned style ghost story, and a very good one at that!

Recovering from a breakdown, Jay decides that she needs a retreat, somewhere to get away from the hustle and bustle of London living. With her husband Simon, they find a place on the edge of the Yorkshire Moors. Not just one, but two houses, Jay feels it is the right spot for her to recover fully and begin working on her ceramics again. But there is a legend surrounding the properties, a haunted tale retel


Elizabeth A Review: This wordless picture book would work equally well for both children and adults. The art is stunning, and I could look at each page for hours. Since it's wordless there are many possible interpretations of the story. There's an old man and a young boy. Are they the same person in different time? Did one imagine, create, or dream up the other? Could the man be re-discovering memories he had forgotten? What is the relationship between art and isolation and distance? Try it and see what story plays


Amanda Review: Wow. I hardly know what to say after having finished this book. I am shaken.

Reading this book was sort of like having bandages removed from your eyes, layer by layer.

Things become lighter and lighter, clearer and clearer, and you are excited by the anticipation of the possibilities of the world you will behold once your vision is completely unobstructed.

And then the picture begins to emerge, and there you are, drowning in burning, blinding light, raw and unprotected.

Part of you wishes you co


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