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Author: M.L. Senechal, C. Davis (Editors in Chief)

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Cathy Brockman Review: Texas Marine Mayhem is part of the Brotherhood Protectors, kindle world and And Big Branch Texas book 3. I have read none of these and the story stood alone just fine.
Vanessa ( Nessie) Britt works for the Brotherhood Protectors and is hired to bodyguard her ex-husband who is receiving death threats. Her ex, Craig Devlin a famous author isn't taking the threats seriously, thinking his brother hired Vanessa to put them in one house hoping they can reconcile.

I haven't read either of these series bu


Coco.V Review:


Bradley Review: This wraps up Le Guin's original trilogy of Ged, better known as Sparrowhawk, the greatest wizard of Earthsea, and even though I really enjoyed it, something about it keeps nagging me.

It's about death, the deathlands, and the end of magic. That's not the problem. In fact, that's the best part of it.

I suppose it's just the feel that this story is the end of Ged after I just started to get to know him. That cocky kid and cocky adult just metamorphosed into an old man. I mean, sure, he's still th


Monnie Review: By now - the 22nd book in the series - Jack Reacher seems like an old friend. And like most old friends, he's welcome to visit my home any time he wants. Thankfully, though, he's not the real deal and I don't need to feed him; at 6 feet 5 and not far from 300 pounds, this former West Pointer wouldn't make it much beyond breakfast on what we've got in our fridge.

Speaking of West Point, the academy provides the impetus for this story. On his way to nowhere in particular from a short stretch in Haw


Jen Review: I LOVE this book! I want to join the circus! WOW! When I first read the Blurb I was like .. "My best friend is an elephant?" Weird! But nope not at all! At least not when you grow up in the circus!!

This book is an awesome PNR for YA (or my age :)

The book starts off as we meet Gemma and her unfortunate bad luck - seems like this poor girl can't get a single break. Her mother just died. She didn't know her that well. She was sick - seriously sick. Like Gem, her mom was able to see Shades (Spirit


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