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1. Title:A Beginner’s Guide to Structural Equation Modeling

Author: Randall E. Schumacker, Richard G. Lomax

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Kyle Woods Review: Better than the first one, but still not amazing. The story and climax felt kind of forced, but I enjoyed the ride.


Bryn Review: After enjoying the first book in the series, this was a big disappointment, mainly because of the continuing dysfunctional relationship between Amory and Milo. They are both such potentially likeable characters, but I got so, so tired of Milo's cluelessness about the effect of his behavior on his wife and Amory's unwillingness to discuss it.

I just don't understand why he thinks he can just come and go with no explanation and dine with women who aren't his wife, and then he is surprised that Amo


LiberoLibro Review: citazioni

…la donna (anche se sa che le sue amiche sposate conducono una vita in felicissima) non sa darsi pace. Vive costantemente come se stesse per risolvere tutti i suoi problemi, per soddisfare tutte le sue esigenze. Come se stesse aspettando il Principe Azzurro che la porta via da “tutto quanto”. Tutto quanto che cosa? La solitudine di vivere con se stessa? La certezza di essere se stessa invece che al metà di qualcosa?

La “Storia del mondo attraverso le scopate”. L’amore. Una vecchia storia


Michael Review: This second book in Ed McBain's police procedural series shines more light on some of the other cops of the 87th Precinct while Steve Carella enjoys his Honeymoon with Teddy. A mugger with a curious MO and a penchant for violence is terrorising the women of Isola. Although Hal Willis is running the case, with help from Roger Havilland and Eileen Burke, the story tends to focus more on Bert Kling, a beat cop recovering from getting shot in the first book. An old friend asks him to talk some sense


Niyati Gogna Review: Book Review by LITEROMA PUBLISHING SERVICES :: ‘Hangover’ by Shilpi

** Thanks to the author for gifting us a review copy of the book. **

'Hangover' is the debut book by a management professional turned a homemaker turned an author named Shilpi. The protagonist Sneha's life closely shadows the author in herself through her expressions, poems, Bryan Adam favourites, shayaris and so on.
1. As they say, “Never judge a book by its cover”. ‘Hangover’ is one of those books which tend to change


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