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1. Title:Differential algebra and algebraic groups

Author: Kolchin E.R.

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Ann Wilson Review: Good

Reminded me of another book I read recently which was disappointing. Lots of hints about previous relationships and situations that could be developed in future books. Not as suspenseful as I like but a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon.


Space Cowgirl Review: Alpha


Dannii Elle Review: You can read my full review on United by Pop.

The progression of Paige’s character from the first book to the third has been a joy to witness. As a reader, I shared in her triumphs and her setbacks. Now, three books later, my happiness whilst reading this was so entwined with the protagonist’s to what could be termed, an unhealthy degree. Her grief became my own and there was a lot of it in this book!

The sheer amount of emotion that this book conveyed displayed Shannon’s skill at creating charact


Rajat Bansal Review: For detailed review, Please visit my book reviews blog


Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Review: I rated Glow somewhat higher than I normally rate this type of books, due solely to the incredibly strong emotional impact it had on me. Some of the characters in it might prove forgettable in time, but I will never forget the pressing, claustrophobic feeling it left me with.
I’ve read a few reviews in advance and I was prepared to be unsettled by it, but nothing could prepare me for this story in which people, every last one of them, were monsters, usually hidden behind a very pleasant façade.


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