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1. Великан Федор Махнов Подлипский А.М. djvu 539506 Russian [Download]


Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-» Review:
RATING: 3.5 Hearts! :)

Forsaken is a thrilling second installment in the Broken City series, giving us a once broken and now determined to live heroine and three heroes with varying personalities who easily win over our hearts.

Picking up right where book one left off, we’re thrown back into the dangerous journey to Leviter Station alongside Allura, Blaise, Reece and Ryder with the addition of a bump in the road—the Forsaken. Allura is even more driven to find out what her memories mean and who s


Tim Review: There once was a character named Reacher.
Who whupped on bad dudes like a creature.
Now Reacher's a shell of his once former self.
With writing so lame, so timid, so tame.
I'm not sticking around for that feature.

Child loves to bore us with lists
And gives Reacher chickens for fists
His glory days are done
Reacher's no longer fun
He should just amble off in the mist. (Teri Pre)

I read what you wrote it was good
Compact and concise, understood
Too bad Child cannot see
Jack stumble so miserably
He'd write bett


Ariel Review: This was a perfectly lovely children's book about an 11 year old girl who longs for vibrato in her cello playing, has a crush on a boy, and doesn't feel understood by her parents. Minna felt very real to me, although the side characters were not very developed and I felt like her parents were gratuitously wacky. Overall, it was a very nice book. I appreciated that it didn't feel it needed to go into histrionics of poverty, death, or any other kind of trauma to be relevant.

This is definitely a bo


The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane) Review: Gosh, reading this got me no further in understanding the conservative point of view than reading Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis or What’s the Matter with Kansas?
The most interesting part of the book is where Hochschild explains the “deep story” how the general consensus of the Tea Party she interviewed, over a five-year period, feels that “other people” are cutting to the front of the line to the American Dream. Affirmative action, immigrants, refugees, an overreac


Brian Review: This book actually angered me, and I think this paragraph sums up why:

"I know, as I write these... that they require me to deal in facts. It is time to call an end to romance and just say what happened in Ada's house, the year that I was eight and Liam was barely nine."

That passage occurs about halfway through the book. The preceding pages are an endless series of shapeless ponderings on what may or may not have happened. The narrator leaps from one era to the next, with the basic point being "S


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