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1. Title:Economic Risk in Hydrocarbon Exploration

Author: Lerche I., MacKay J.A.

FileType: pdf





Julie Ehlers Review: Not long ago, one of the founders of Goodreads posted this on the site's blog:
Picture it: You're curled up on the couch, lost in a fantastic story on your new Kindle Paperwhite, when you come across the most amazing passage. It sends shivers down your spine... or it makes you laugh... or it captures something important to you. And you can't wait to see if your friends feel the same way. Now there's no need to put down your new Kindle Paperwhite to jump on Goodreads and share it with your friends


Becca Review: One Knight Enchanted is a fully revised version of a 1997 novel, Enchanted, a book I'm sad to say I couldn't finish. Delacroix really did an excellent job revitalizing this new release, adding in new scenes, polishing the characters, and streamlining the plot. It went from a novel I couldn't get through to a novel I couldn't read fast enough!

Delacroix has a unique niche writing medieval stories that meld together tales about knights returning from crusade in Outremer. Rolfe is a second son who l


Melanie Review:
ARC provided by Flatiron Books in exchange for an honest review.

“Once upon a time there was a beautiful queen who thought words were stronger than anything. She used them to win love and money and gifts. She used them to carry her across the world.”

Let me just start this off by saying that I normally only one star something if it has very problematic content. This book only has one element that made me uncomfortable (that I will talk about later on), but the main reason I’m giving this one s


♡Karlyn P♡ Review: Almost a DNF. I came soooooo close to chucking this one, but I skimmed the last third of the book as I did want to finish. Overall this was a very underwhelming read. I love a great contemporary romance with steam, but this was too formulaic and lacked a decent story to keep me interested. The plot was just downright boring. I do like a marriage of convenience plot, but this was just too hokey as they keep going back and forth on their desires for sex. The heroine's need to lie was baffling, and


karen Review: "I wonder what was going on last night. With the lights."

She shrugs. "Probably some apocalypse."

the problem with writing a book like More Than This is that you then have to write a book after More Than This.

and i was a little apprehensive about this one. my copy has this cover:

which makes it look almost like a middle grade book, and i was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the mind-shattering acrobatic metafiction that was More Than This.

and it doesn't. nothing ever will.
but that doesn't mea


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