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Lynn (Ellesea Loves Reading) Review: This is the prequel all fans of The Kathleen Turner Series have been waiting for... The long-awaited brotherly bonding trip to Las Vegas, where Blane and Kade somehow manage to get themselves a lifetime ban from the MGM Grand hotel.

I love both the previous companion novels; Blane's Turn and Kade's Turn because we get to learn and understand the dynamics between Blane and Kade in the early stages of their relationship. I've always enjoyed their interactions and Turn the Tables gives us a glimpse


L Lewis Review: The new Duke of Ayr, Anthony Burke has a happy disposition. He oozes not just with charm but with positive energy. He ranks high up in my list of favourite Dukes!

Tony is a bastard son of the Duke of Aston and hasn’t always led a life of privilege. He grew up in kindly care by his mother but they lived in poverty. Destitution and violence was the world he knew. Living with The Duke of Aston with the passing of his mother was a rocky start. But he never allowed bitterness to weigh him down. Tony l


Jenny Houle Review: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for an unbiased opinion.

The book got 2 stars because I liked the illustrations. And it still almost only got one.

I felt like the book sends the message that the only way to get kids interested in something is to tell them it's not there. Like you're supposed to be tricking into them to keep going just to see what could be going. It 1) avoids actually having to do any work in writing a story and 2) undermines encouraging children to want to read


Massimo Monteverdi Review: Testo inafferrabile, come il suo autore. Un compendio di storia e filosofia, di scienza e semiologia. Chiave di lettura del contemporaneo attraverso secoli di studi ed esperienze. A tratti lezioso, ma talmente fitto di sapere che pure l’incolto ne trae qualche beneficio. La seconda parte poi è un diario agghiacciante dell’orrore intollerante nel Novecento. Monito affinché non possa più ripetersi.


Ahmad Sharabiani Review: The Little Black Fish, Samad Behrangi
Samad Behrangi (June 24, 1939 - August 31, 1967) was an Iranian teacher, social critic, folklorist, translator, and short story writer. He is famous for his children's books, particularly The Little Black Fish.
The Little Black Fish is a well known children's book written by Samad Behrangi. The book was widely considered to be a political allegory, and was banned in pre-revolutionary Iran (prior to the 1978 revolution). Other than noticeable story, the origina


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