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1. Title:Нестор Махно (ЖЗЛ: Жизнь Замечательных Людей)

Author: Голованов Василий

FileType: mobi

Publisher:Молодая гвардия




George Manakanatas Review: Excellent book for beginners covering the basic movies as well as some of the core abstract concepts of the game in a fun easy to read way. Read through it on the train to and from Ghent and feel it would make a great gift for someone new to the game.


Jason Review: Holy mackerel. This is the single non-fiction book you ought to put on your read list for 2013. Even if you don’t read it, it’s presence on your shelf will enrich your library.

This is a WWII survival story of an American aviator in the Pacific theater. And wow! Louis Zamperini. Zamp!

An Italian immigrant with the fastest mile in college track who shook hands with Hitler at the ’36 Olympics, shot down in the pacific, 40+ days in a 2-man raft with 3 people, captured, paraded for propaganda, torture


Newton Nitro Review: (Resenha da Série Inteira)

Só quem foi adolescente nos anos 80, e que era completamente nerd com a paranoia nuclear e a Guerra Fria, como eu era, pode entender como foi marcante assistir aquele anime maravilhoso naquela época, naquele tempo. A possibilidade de um apocalipse nuclear era mais concreta do que a cadeira esquenta o meu traseiro nesse momento. Eu, na minha piração nerd adolescente, usava essas narrativas pós-apocalípticas como guias de sobrevivência, com aquela visão de “o que eu faria


Yue Review: It's been a long time since I've read such a nice shoujo. Lately all I find are cliche, supposedly romantic but just really ridiculous shoujos, where the MC (a "nice, naive" girl) falls for the first guy who is nice to her. Then follows ridiculous amount of tears and angst. Thank God for ホリミヤ! (which is the portmanteau of Hori and Miyamura)

This manga is about a pretty girl who befriends the "dark, creepy" guy from her classmate. Only that Miyamura is anything but creepy. He is a kind boy who, be


Patricia Review: LIFE IS A STORM!

And the Duke of Ayre took me by storm as he won his Eleanor.
This is a story of pain, and of vanquishing pain, but more than anything, it is a story of love.
It features Tony, son of the Duke of Aston, he of the extravagant hats, recently made duke of Ayre - and instructed to wed Eleanor.
We are already acquainted with Tony. His character is developed even further, until he is as large as his father. Previously hidden facets of his character are revealed, and while he does grow to


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