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1. Title:A Course in Analysis - Volume I: Introductory Calculus, Analysis of Functions of One Real Variable

Author: Niels Jacob, Kristian P Evans

FileType: pdf

Publisher:World Scientific Publishing Co





Susan Merritt Review: This latest installment of Thorgrim Night Wolf, Harold Broadarm (Thorgrim's son), Starri Deathless and the rest is like eating popcorn...once you have one piece, you can't stop eating it until it's done! Just an excellent saga complete with Norse Poetry at the beginning of each chapter. Having the opportunity to go a-viking with this crew is magical. Yes, there is very serious stuff and violence is a prominent part of their lives, but there is a delectable humor that's wonderful to perceive. I'v


Kyle Bueermann Review: I loved this book. Think of it almost like the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes - an old pastor sitting down over coffee with a young pastor and giving him some advice.

You probably won’t agree with everything Miller says. But there is great wit and wisdom in his advice. Even though I never got to meet him, I’m grateful for his book and the conversation he created with it.


Alexander Patino Review: You get a first read only once. I don't know what to say. It's the book of my life. Not that it mirrors my life, but that it's the literary love of my life. I know I get hyperbolic about this kind of stuff, but it is what it is. The most cathartic reading experience I've ever had. I'm shaking and crying writing this. How to move on after this one - hard to imagine I will.


Larry H Review: At one point in Seven Days of Us , Andrew, the somewhat snarky and elitist patriarch of the Birch family, equates all of the drama affecting his family with a popular British soap opera. But then he realizes it's even crazier than all that.

"Never mind EastEnders —this was pure telenovela."

He's not quite wrong. In her debut novel, Francesca Hornak throws more issues and crises at the Birch family, more secrets thought buried, than you can even imagine. It's like multiple Jodi Picoult novels mes


Imogen Review: OH MAN it crushes my poor cold heart to sand to have to tell you this, because I used to borrow this book from the library over and over and over when I was in fifth grade and it's one of the things that really made me like books so goddam much, but it's just all about like "Native American people are mysterious and magical," which is not an okay theme. So sad! I was so stoked when I found it in a little used bookstore in Kokomo Indiana, because when I was little I think I just thought Laurie St


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