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1. A Glossary of US Politics and Government Alex Thomson pdf Edinburgh University Pres 840071 English 2007 [Download]


Katie W Review: Anyone with an interest with celebrities will get this one, especially the inner fan girl inside. I remember being a young teen, obsessed with certain actors/singers and just knowing that they'd fall for me, for sure, if I ever had the change to meet them or to interact with them. Zoe is one lucky girl!

One tweet. That's all it took for Zoe to capture actor Chase Covington's attention. I love the lengths he went to in order to keep his private life private. All of the nerves, anxieties, angst, in


Alexis Review: Make sure you do all of the exercises, because uncovering and examining all of your old beliefs about money is where the real value lies. Don't half-ass them, either. This book is especially helpful when done with a buddy or a group, so you can talk about what comes up. (A lot will come up, if you let it.)


Sidharth Vardhan Review: May be I had developed a habit of looking for an allegory or something in ever work Kafka say but this is more of a mixed bag by his standards. I will comment only on a few stories – that I had to read at least twice.

Country Doctor

A short story showing snow ball effect after an initial not-so-important-looking choice. Like a snowball, Country doctor is struck down the wrong path and he knows it, there are elements (horses!) that keep reminding him that he must return, he wishes to and can, yet h


Wendy Schindler Review: Outstanding!

I'm not very good at this part.
I very much enjoy Orlando's work! I think its fun how he includes nods to other great Urban Fantasy type writers.
"Orlandogasmic" is a very entertaining new descriptor!
So many great moments, epic battles, some tender and touching scenes, and of course the 'buddy cop" over-all feel, all combine for a great read! Get your copy today!


Jaime Kurp Review:

Hanging By A Moment

By Tawdra Kandle

Reviewed by Jaime Kurp

*Spoiler Alert*

Quinn losing her dad was really hard to read. It just torn at your heart. There were a couple of times that I get real teary eyed. But the worse part was when Nate asked Quinn to marry him. I had a hard time reading because I couldn’t see thru my tears. I feel awful for Nate, I can’t imagine knowing your time is numbered. And he is just wanting a simple thing, to marry Quinn. But at the same time that is really hard to ask o


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