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Author: PRIGOGINE *ADVA, Ilya Prigogine, Stuart Alan Rice

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Publisher:John Wiley & Sons Inc





Sue Review: I received the Kindle version of "Motion to Kill" through Smashwords by author Joel Goldman. This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down.One chapter flew into the next.

Richard Sullivan was dead, probably murdered and last seen with an attractive blonde, not his wife, at a condo he owned with Victor O'Malley.

Mason was defending O'Malley against criminal charges the feds were about to file. Sullivan had set up Mason as the fall guy in a scheme to get rid of evidence that had to incriminate both


Mark Hebwood Review: Fighting it...

Oh wow. Reading this book was quite an experience. For one thing, to a person with no grounding in particle physics beyond what was included in a school curriculum (that person is me, and there was very little), reading speed is best described by reference to a log-scale: I read the first batch in a day, the second in 2 days, the third in 4, the fourth ... . But more fundamentally than that, I struggled with the book on a deeper level. I fought against some of Frank's ideas, and di


Doug Cannon Review: Grisham has a way of writing a real page-turner. This was one of those books that I just couldn't put down. The suspense was intense, and the story was good.

When I finished the last page, and I finally did put it down, I couldn't help thinking I had just wasted my time. I mean, I was thoroughly entertained for every minute of the book, but when I was done, I was left with nothing but the memories of my entertainment.

Good book, excellent author, but lacking in anything real. I've read 4 Grisham n


Jennifer Review: Crazy Rich Asians is part satire, part romance, part family drama, part Mean Girls, and 100% entertaining. When it comes down to it, the lesson learned is that every parent wants their child to be set up for success in the best possible way, even though the method may seem maddening. It is the first installment in a series by the same name and I am excited to continue. Check it out!!

My favorite quote:
"There is nothing in the world that good food cannot fix."


Emily May Review: First off, welcome to 2015!

Let's kick this year off with a review of a book about a guy who deserves to survive more than anyone I've ever known. This book has been lurking around in my Goodreads feed, gaining hype, and all the positive reviews from my friends eventually got too much for me - so I had to check this out for myself. I'm glad I gave in.

The Martian has so many good things going for it. First and foremost, it is a classic tale of survival against very huge odds. In this book, Mark Wa


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