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1. Title:Ударная техника рукопашного боя

Author: Захаров Е. Н., Карасев А.П., Сафонов А.С.

FileType: djvu

Publisher:Культура и традиции





Lita Acevedo Review: This was pretty good. It held my interest while I subconsciously made links to other Havenwood stories. I did figure out some things early on but that didn't negate from the story which was well told.

The scene with the girl who kept saying "like", like made my eyes roll. Note to author: That was annoying. Please squash future urges to use that type of speech pattern in your stories and avoid that kind of thing in the future.

While these shorter stories don't seem to allow for building much depth


TS Chan Review: Full spoiler-free review.

The Storming genius has outdone himself. Again!

Words of Radiance was easily the best book I've ever read, which naturally resulted in some pretty high expectations going into Oathbringer. As much as I've tried to smother it after waiting for over 3.5 years, I just had to accept that it was futile.

Who am I kidding? Sanderson has completely smashed all expectations by offering yet another best book I've ever read.

Is Oathbringer a literary masterpiece? A classic that wi


Sam Kozbial Review: This review originally appeared on We Live and Breathe Books

•Pro: The author takes us to France, delights our senses with delicious food, and even interacts with locals.

•Pro: Martin just touched my heart. He was so genuine, and being in his head was pretty interesting.

•Pro: I learned so many things about neurodiversity that I did not know. It wasn't done in an info dump way, it was told through Martin's self reflections.

•Pro: Martin's sister, Elisabeth was pretty special, and so was their sib


BIBLIOMANIAC MJ Review: A tale of envy, greed, psychological manipulation, betrayal and revenge, this one has all the tantalising ingredients for a mouth watering, delicious read!

Exquisitely entertaining and oh so addictive, I finished this one in record time... I just couldn't put it down, with writing that was fast paced and flowed easily.

The book was well structured, broken up into 3 parts. In part one we learn about Amber and her meticulous plan to con and weasel her way into the Parrish family, in order to get th


Rajat Bansal Review: For detailed review, Please visit my book reviews blog


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